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Focus on community environmental health   make their homes more livable, local leaders — October 8 Beijing Xinhua (Zhang Zheng) community civilization is a sign of social progress, environmental health is the health and life insurance. Community health environment requires not only the active participation of the public, but also the need for more attention of the government and society. Recently, the netizen friends to improve the residential environment demands, more is the real, do their force, try to make people more livable homes. Recently, Anhui netizens reflect are rubbish everywhere residential corridor, I hope as soon as possible to take measures to control. After verification, the local official said, the Internet users reflect the demolition of residential area is small, because residents do not pay property costs, it is difficult to retain property companies. At present, the community health personnel employed by the community to do cleaning work. According to local residents littering, Qi Shan community staff will do the publicity and education work, the timely discovery, timely discourage, guide people to develop good habits; the health problems of the area, will increase the number of cleaning staff to do the removal work. [details] there is no Property Department of the District, only the Sales Department of the remaining staff, community health needs to be improved." Henan, a netizen in the community to reflect the health issues mentioned in the property and related issues. In this regard, Macun District Office has been arranged to reflect on the issue of Internet users to investigate. Through a comprehensive renovation, a total area of 5 weeds to clean up the car, garbage, 11 cars, health conditions have been effectively improved. Aiming at the problem of property, Macun Street office in consultation with the residents of the area, the residents of the autonomous management mode for reference mature residential area residents, by selected environmental sanitation, greening, the Security Council is responsible for the residents in this area. [details] in the vegetable market in the District, its environmental health may also face severe challenges. A netizen in Gansu in mid September message, reflecting their own living quarters in the vegetable market, there are a variety of hawkers around the business, the surrounding environmental health has been greatly affected. See this message, the person in charge of the local community in the area immediately led group of cadres and the health inspector came to the market, on the staircase aisle, the yard alleys of the field view, and set up a working group on the residential garbage for a thorough cleaning, on the part of the corridor walls left the black advertisements were eradicated. The official reply, in addition to cleaning garbage, the area in the group of cadres also led the community workers, most of the residents at night time at home, to residential households in the home payment "sanitary proposal", will carry out environmental remediation propaganda again. [with] [online message represents only the personal views of the author and do not represent the views of] [attention] today’s hot Internet users in Anhui reflect a national highway vehicles for the official reply [attention] to users of the property is not as poor residential environment Tianjin District of Xiqing [] reply column dynamic reply netizens to Shandong provincial Party Secretary and governor of the official message received reply to a total of 20 [] to reply the netizen of Henan provincial Party Secretary and governor for the official reply message of a total of 28 [] reply netizens to Sichuan provincial Party committee, province)相关的主题文章: