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"Taxi driver" 40 years Judi · Forster won the Kubrick prize Judi · Forster 1905 movie network American actress and director Judi · Forster will be given by the British Academy of film and Television Arts Division of Losangeles (BAFTA LA) issued by Stanley & middot; Kubrick Britannia Award for excellence in film. The award will be presented at the British Academy AMD Awards (AMD British Academy Britannia) in this year. "The release of the forty years anniversary in the film" taxi driver "and" snake "Cassidy, rich us for her excellence, pioneering film career award coincides with the" BAFTA Losangeles branch chairman Kieran Breen said: "in the field of actor and director of the two different, Judi Forster was · a rare talent, she is one of the most talented and professional filmmakers of our time." Judi · Forster has appeared in more than 40 films, as an actress, she starred in "taxi driver", "snake bully", "the silence of the lamb", "contact" and "the killing", "dark alley girl" and other works is impressive, which is no lack of classical history. As a director, she has directed the movie "beautiful childhood", "mood", "story" and the famous drama "beaver" women’s prison, recently a big screen work is in May this year, the North American release by George · and Julia · Clooney; Roberts starred in "money monster". Stanley · Kubrick Britannia Award for excellence in film is awarded to those showing a unique artistic personality, left an indelible imprint on the individual works, and will work to a new level of film technology." Judi · Forster, 2016 winners are Ang Lee (John · Schlesinger the best director award), Samuel Jackson (Albert · · R· Bocelli of Great Britain Global Entertainment Award), Ricky · (Charlie · Chaplin gervis; Outstanding Comedy Awards), Ivan · Mcgregor (British humanitarian · and Felici’s Humanitarian Award); Jones (Burberry British artist award). It is reported that this year’s annual awards ceremony will be held on October 28th at the The Beverly Hilton Hotel. TV company Done+Dusted will be responsible for the award ceremony.相关的主题文章: