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Ang Lee 120 black technology! Movie revolution or publicity stunt? Beijing – November 11th in the "double eleven shopping Carnival Festival", "hand chop party shizumori 12 ready to buy buy buy, and a large number of fans to watch at the entrance to the cinema to see the first movie – 4K 120 frame 3D version – directed by Ang Lee" Billy Lynn’s midfield? War "style. As the film is the first to use a 120 frame specifications, the current technical means, the country has only five theaters can play the highest version of the film, while only one theater in Beijing. When the cinema is not open yet, there have been a lot of fans lined up at 11 in the morning on time ticket site studios, hot degree comparable to the spring scene, because the audience is too high, and the lack of experience in dealing with the theater staff, on-site order was chaotic even need to purchase to control the scene. 120 frames in the end is what? What will bring to the film? Ang Lee’s black technology will lead to a revolution in the film or the new movie stunt, all the answers will be in the "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" announced. Black technology! What is the magic of the 120 frames? As early as April of this year, the United States in the future of the film seminar, Ang Lee played the 11 minutes of the film clips, using 4K, 3D, the shooting method of the frame of the film for a time attracted the attention of the whole world of the film. Some even predicted that Ang Lee would once again lead to a revolution in the world after the "" of James and the 3D version of "". And Ang Lee himself said this practice is to shake the old thinking, embrace the potential of digital technology". "Billy,’s midfield war" in the 4K and 3D for the audience is not unfamiliar, 4K refers to the resolution of the film, 3D refers to the three-dimensional imaging mode, and the 120 frame on the need to discuss. For the general audience, do not understand the basic knowledge of the movie camera, 120 frame was completely confused. Generally speaking, the traditional film camera can shoot 24 seconds lattice film content, each film is called a frame. With the development of film technology, technology of making digital camera in the movie, the film retains the format, so the current film making common use 1 24 frame shooting style, at the same time show is also used in this way. In short, the traditional 24 frames can understand 24 picture for a second, 24 shooting figure, a second lens image is made by the 24 frame assembly. With the help of the human vision of the phenomenon, 24 frames in a second screen playback will not be detected by the brain, so the formation of a dynamic image. In 2012 "the Hobbit: an unexpected journey of Peter", will be the first? Jackson remake of shooting technique of 24 frames, 48 frames using shooting techniques. This is the cross domain leap for technical field, but for the perception of the audience did not get much improvement, in "the Hobbit: an unexpected journey show most of the audience" did not show a strong interest in the 48 frame, even since the screen is too real, part of the audience think this hand.相关的主题文章: