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Scientists draw the digital version of Atlas of the human brain research has a clear navigation map – Beijing Science and technology daily Beijing (reporter Nie Cuirong) in September 18, the Alan Institute for brain research ed? Rhine and colleagues draw a digital version of the structure of human brain atlas by far the most complete. The hospital official website announced on 16 may, the 350 page monograph "America" Journal of Comparative Neurology recently launched, introduces the clearest brain micro anatomy atlas, the brain atlas publicly available on the official website of the Alan Institute, will become the new guidelines for brain researchers and navigation map". For the beginning of this year and "connectome plan" published by the scanning of 210 healthy adults in the brain of different, this time on a map from for in-depth study of healthy 34 year old woman died of cerebral accident, therefore more detailed. Rhine and colleagues used MRI and diffusion-weighted imaging to scan the brains of all two techniques to obtain images of the entire brain structure and nerve fiber connections. In order to analyze the small scale cells, they will be the brain anatomy into 2716 thin sections, first with Nissl staining technique part staining to obtain overall cell structure information, and then the other two kinds of dyeing technology of selective marker in specific brain regions, including a cell composition, in white matter and nerve fiber specific types of neurons. The researchers will also be part of the Nissl stained sections were classified and identified 862 different brain structures including the thalamus, sub layer region and sub layer region amygdala new, even two months ago only in non-human primate animal have a structure. Is the most important feature of the human brain atlas, macro HD brain imaging data and can explain the data structure with the brain cells in a picture, as people used Google maps for brain scientists "navigation", from the macro level to cell level, a deeper understanding of our brains. 100 years ago the German anatomist Kebinian? Brodmann mapped the first cell level of brain atlas and became the foundation for the development of a large number of brain atlas. The new map will become a new reference standard, brain scientists can also be combined with their own research to update it. Although some people questioned this from an individual can be generalized to other brain atlas, "we believe that Rhine, after 5 years of study a new atlas of the brain, we marked the great leap forward in the understanding of human anatomy. The complete human brain atlas will provide a reference for anyone to study any part of the brain."相关的主题文章: