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"Surgical situation" Li Jiahang turned medicine generation – Sohu Li Jiahang entertainment funny play "surgical situation" photo studio "surgical situation" scenes as Li Jiahang Studio Photos exposed a group of characters Sohu entertainment news directed by Li Xue City medical industry inspirational drama "surgical situation" before the calm makeup, the young actor Li Jiahang in the drama emergency department doctor Chen Shaocong turned her white coat, handsome sun, which is following the "2" after the Medical Museum smile. Li Jiahang plays the doctor again. It is understood that the "surgical situation" described in the modern comprehensive Renhe Hospital, a series of stories which caused by the medical accident happened 29 years ago. In the past film and television drama, Li Jiahang played a lawyer, doctor, military and other industries in different sectors of the elite, successfully created a different character image, much loved by the audience. In the "surgical situation" in Li Jiahang’s emergency department doctor Chen Shaocong cheerful, contracted half drama became a joke, the drama "funny play", a new image of the highly anticipated. It is reported that the "surgical situation" written by Zhu Zhu and producer Hou Hongliang, including Jin Dong, Li Jiahang, white lily, Lan Yingying and other powerful actors, recently is hot shot in beijing.   相关的主题文章: