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Shanghai took the lead in the implementation of "good law" social emergency exemption for good "dare to save" – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, November 1 (reporter Chen Jing) in the public places of sudden illness but no one dare to save, this phenomenon is repeated in recent years, how to break the "collective silence", become the current society the focus of the topic. 1, the Shanghai Emergency Medical Service Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the regulations) formally implemented. This Ordinance is known as the "good man", a clear emergency behavior by law, damage to patients who do not assume legal responsibility, in order to encourage ordinary people to participate in emergency rescue. Shanghai medical emergency center director Zhu Qinzhong said in an interview with reporters, this shows that Shanghai first proposed the social emergency exemption, to eliminate the menace from the rear rescue of people. The "Regulations" provisions, people found the needs of emergency patients, emergency call should immediately call the "120" hotline, can be carried out in the "120" emergency dispatch personnel under the guidance of the emergency relief can also be carried out according to the situation; encouraged to provide first aid skills, the implementation of emergency ambulance scene of critically ill patients; in addition, automatic external defibrillator and other emergency equipment in place configuration, trained personnel can use the automatic external defibrillator and other emergency equipment for emergency rescue. The regulations will also be pre hospital care, hospital first aid and social first aid are included in the scope of application, which is the first time in various provinces of China emergency medical legislation. Zhu Qinzhong said that the sudden physical discomfort within a few minutes to rescue the most effective and necessary. He is a cardiac arrest, for example, told reporters that the best time to rescue 4 minutes after the occurrence of cardiac arrest, also known as gold for 4 minutes". In 4 minutes if the implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the patient’s life is likely to be recovered, however, most of the 120 emergency vehicles can not arrive in such a short time. If the witness is able to carry out the rescue, the tragedy is likely to be avoided. In order to eliminate the rescue of people of the "Regulations" stressed: menace from the rear, the scene of an emergency rescue action is protected by law, causing damage to the patient, do not assume legal responsibility according to law. Dare to save will save, Sun Dahong, vice president of the Shanghai Red Cross, said the good man law can not be implemented without the training of emergency skills, but also inseparable from the popularity of medical emergency equipment. Zhu Qinzhong told reporters: "to solve the problem of not save, not only to enhance the training, but also the popularity of AED (automatic defibrillator) in public coverage." According to reports, AED is a kind of automatic defibrillator similar "camera", not only ordinary people first aid knowledge after 30 minutes of training to learn to use, simple operation can be made to improve the success rate of recovery of 2 to 3 times, the survival rate increased by 49%. Zhu Qinzhong said that only equipment is not enough, more importantly, to make the public dare to use AED. "Shanghai City Emergency Medical Service Ordinance" clearly stipulates that in the future the rail stations and airports and other transportation hubs, schools, stadiums, cultural entertainment, shopping malls, hotels, attractions and other crowded places, must be equipped with emergency device. (end)相关的主题文章: