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The man was reported to blackmail after Dutch act carried the body of the report into the family home – Beijing man released from prison after suspected relatives carrying the corpse Dutch act whistleblower hit home the morning of August 18th, Hebei city of Baoding province Boye county east of the town and village electrician before Wang Hongbo was found dead in the house roof cisterns, Wang Hongbo had previously been villagers Wang Lufeng et al reported just out of prison, less than half a month, the Wang Hongbo family then pulled to the body 5 days to report to park Wang Lufeng home, and smashed the wangs. Boye County police said the complaints alleged blackmail and impose exactions on has been under criminal detention a person, the dead, the Wang Hongbo family alleged trespass house, two people had been detained, one of the implementation of online pursuit. JINGWAH fan Rui Times reporter intern reporter Han Xueyan home suddenly broke thwarted morgue 5 days silt dikes villagers Wang Lufeng has 40 days did not return to the village of Home Furnishing, recalled in August 18th were smashed things at home, he still felt hard to forget is a nightmare. The original village electrician Wang Hongbo at home during his lifetime was Wang Lufeng Dutch act, for the villagers to report, Wang Hongbo family think of death and was reported, and the bodies from the village carried to Wang Lufeng home. On the morning of 9 pm, is the county seat of the villagers Wang Lufeng received a phone call and was told that the matter, then to his son Wang Liang call to shut the door, "at that time they got hot, I am afraid of what." Wang Liang shut the door in ten minutes after the house has heard mixed cries of slapstick, mixed with a brick at the sound of the door. Worried about the accident, Wang Liang and his family escaped over the wall. Witnessed the incident the villagers told the Wang Lufeng family, more than and 10 of the Wang Hongbo family in the smashed, someone from the wall turned to the hospital opened the door of Wang Lufeng’s house, and carried her to the Wangs, implement thwarted at home. Wang Lufeng said the bodies in his home park for 5 days before being away. September 24th morning, the reporters came to Wang Lufeng in the silt dikes in the village home, hospital on the steps of throwing the sofa cushions, and everyone is full of broken glass. Wang Lufeng and his son Wang Liang house adjacent home 10 houses spared. According to Wang Lufeng family preliminary statistics, together with the loss of more than 30 thousand yuan in cash, property losses of up to $about 200000. "It was very uncomfortable, and put the body on the bed, and at home. The house I live or not? Out of this thing, I can not lift the village." The family of the deceased by whistleblower extortion 150 thousand Wang Lufeng said that due to corruption, dissatisfaction with the former village secretary Wang Qilin in 2014, Wang Lufeng village seven or eight people began to report Wang Qilin to the higher authorities. January 2015 Boye County Commission released the punishment materials, Wang Qilin violations of financial discipline, dereliction of duty, interfere with the administration of social order, giving Wang Qilin a year probation sanction decision, then Wang Qilin was removed from office and expelled from the party. In early 2016, the local government appointed Wang Lufeng as Deputy Secretary of the village and village director. Wang Qilin report, while others, such as the son of Wang Hongbo, who was reported to the. The report said, their identity by years electrician Wang Hongbo, will be pumping more than 80 wells for field meter without modification, the amount of the meter display.相关的主题文章: