Xu Liangbao, please message after the beep dark version MV-驯龙高手dm456

Xu Liangbao, please message after the beep "Dark Version" MV Xu Liang "please after the beep message" Dark Version MV exposure Sina entertainment news recently, Xu Liang officially released their fourth original album "" please leave a message after the beep. "The overall shape of the record, a novel" from the connotation to the project the conception, from the visual presentation to tone singing, surprise appearance show. However, the extension of this album is not the end of the 10 day, Xu Liang without notice again open singles "please message after the beep" Dark Version official version of MV, in this song, Xu Liang once again to the author of the novel the reservation attitude without showing his gentle and romantic spirit of the world. And a way to cut back the producer prelude, let Xu Liang’s vocals appear directly, even in the first, without any musical instrument, only the use of English, Japanese, Cantonese and other environmental sampling design can be described as background vocals, bold is a powerful and unconstrained style, conform to no conventional pattern. "Dark Version MV" please shoot a message after the beep, Taiwan style, by director Anna Chen personally shot, MV slowly tells a story about the thousands of inclusive journey, Xu Liang for a 6 minute "message", interpretation of all figurative beauty, a dumb flying gray bird in winter a gentle, sink to the seabed breathing whale, cloud hidden in snow mountain is also a city, once Manmujingzhen Tuitang, once the mighty surge high and sweep forward. Six minutes of footage, like the movie long shot at. A plain white T-shirt, black pants, a man with hair block eyes, with the back of his picture to see the world. Walk the streets, take the KIYOSHIGE retro tram, seating broken walls, this time travel is seemingly aimless, himself in the inner world of a free walk, let this seemingly simple MV, full of rich reverie of freedom. In the cold and sharp voice of Xu Liang and Xu Liang in an attempt to cure feelings, in this way, for everyone to provide a related good reminder, also made a conscientious and can only hear each other’s private message. Adding a variety of musical elements, let the sadness and force the fierce collision, as though it has the vitality of the arrangement, and Xu Liang is full of magnetic voice, let this first upgraded version of "please message after the beep Dark Version" with a mysterious aura. Xu Liang said "please message after the beep Dark Version" is more like a kind of thinking and responding to "please leave a message after the beep" on the album, hoping to use music leads the heart, soul into the tunnel is more intense, more profound.相关的主题文章: