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The typhoon "malakas struck Taiwan multiple counties issued heavy rain forecast evacuation of nearly three thousand people – China news agency new network in September 17 Taipei Xinhua (reporter Huang Shaohua Xu Dejin) by Typhoon" malakas "impact, Taiwan issued 17 counties heavy rain and mudslides special report, involving 36 villages in 6 counties of red or respectively. Yellow alert, evacuation of more than 2 thousand and 600 people. According to the Taiwan meteorological department released the day, along the east coast of Taiwan and northbound typhoon "malakas", 17 on the evening of 8 in Taipei about 160 kilometers northeast of the sea, 12 kilometers per hour speed, from the north towards the northeast direction slowly, 7 wind storm radius of 180 km, 10 wind storm radius of 60 km the maximum wind speed near the center, level 14, Maximum gust 16. In view of the foreleg "Meranti" typhoon caused severe damage to Taiwan, many departments and counties not slack. New Taipei City in 4 cities including preventive evacuation, evacuation of 2658 people. Taiwan Tiebei loop, Yilan line and Pingsi until 6 pm before stopping. Taoyuan Airport Inc until 4 pm, 68 flights affected, including aircraft, delayed 39 classes canceled 25 classes, 4 classes canceled passenger cargo aircraft, nearly 13 thousand people; the mainland airlines round-trip flight time is long, the cross-strait flights canceled more. "Meranti" typhoon caused Kaohsiung ships, the size of the ship due to the strong winds caused by the broken cable drifting pernicious, northeast of the port of Keelung in a safe container ships and take strong measures. Comprehensive Taiwan, a number of media observation, Maleka less destructive. But the meteorological department still reminded the high incidence of local heavy rain, landslides, rockfall, debris flow should be noted and flash floods, low-lying coastal regions should prevent flooding. (end)相关的主题文章: