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13 catering enterprises were interviewed in the first batch of 100 tobacco control ineffective smokeless demonstration will be released in Beijing restaurant – 13 well-known restaurant chain were complaints over 5 times the first batch of 100 smoke-free restaurant yesterday released by the end of the demonstration, including Guangdong, sea fishing, Meizhou Dongpo, Dayali, 13 well-known catering enterprises because of the lack of tobacco control by Wei Commission and the health supervision interviews. At the same time, before the end of this year, the first batch of hundreds of smoke-free demonstration Beijing restaurant will be released. The total qualified rate of tobacco catering minimum Beijing morning news reporters from the city health authority was informed that the interviews of chain enterprises are cumulative complaints were more than 5 times. Recently, the city health authority located within the city for catering units, offices, entertainment and other three key sites, especially to have repeatedly been complaints or had been changed again after complaints by responsible units, launched a month long tobacco special health supervision and law enforcement, including supervision and check the catering units 1085 households, 871 qualified, a pass rate of 80%, ordered to correct 206, 20 administrative penalty, a fine of 46 thousand yuan, and 2 households have been punished, the punishment of illegal smoking in the dining person 59 people. During the inspection process, several key sites of the catering units, has been the hardest hit by illegal smoking. In a number of key areas of statistics, the total pass rate of catering units was only 61%, the lowest for all types of places, the largest number of complaints, the public reflects strong. In order to supervise and promote all kinds of places to implement the main responsibility, Beijing city has been carried out on the monthly exposure punishment unit, belonging to the administrative supervision object units or individuals, as alleged violation of administrative discipline clues, monthly reporting and supervision departments. Meanwhile, the city is under study, intends to be investigated units, individuals into the integrity of the system, into the blacklist. Demonstration restaurant to meet the gold 9 standard at the same time, before the end of this year, Beijing, the first batch of hundreds of smoke-free demonstration restaurant will be released. Yesterday, the Beijing Association for the control of smoking, the Beijing Municipal Food and Beverage Association jointly launched a smoke-free enjoy delicious, healthy, I call the smoke free demonstration restaurant to create activities. From now until December 31st, the application of the restaurant through the official website of the two associations to download, fill in the application form, it can be used as a model kitchen demonstration units. To be a demonstration of restaurant, to meet the "9 gold standard", namely: to establish and perfect the responsibility of tobacco control, tobacco control system set up unit Restaurant Restaurant; tobacco control volunteers; tobacco control knowledge training for employees; posted in accordance with the standards of the smoking logo at the eye-catching restaurant; not to sell cigarette without tobacco advertising; the guests lit cigarette before the guests do not discourage smoking; make the inspection records; from the date of filing a smoke-free environment complaints; if there are smokers employees, actively discouraged employees quit smoking. According to the schedule, December 11th to 20, according to the public of the candidate a smoke-free environment and restaurants from tobacco control experts visited, will be the birth of the first batch of Beijing smoke-free restaurant. It is understood that the Beijing "the most stringent tobacco control" for more than a year of the implementation of tobacco control, achieved remarkable results. From the data of health supervision and law enforcement of tobacco control in various places qualified rate from the beginning of implementation regulations.相关的主题文章: