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Don’t worry about Beijing China World Trade Center CBD there are too many people in the real estate consulting firm recently released the three quarter of Beijing real estate market review report, the report shows the increase in the number of China World Trade Center CBD office. According to statistics, in 2016, more than 390 thousand people a day in the office building in China World Trade Center CBD, by the year of 2025, is expected to have more than 600 thousand office workers out here every day. 600 thousand people get together what is the concept? There is a comparison of the media image, which is almost more than the national population of the European countries Luxemburg. However, less than 10 square kilometers of China World Trade Center CBD, the area is only Luxemburg of the Luxemburg (land area of 2586.3 square kilometers of land in the country), and the number of. 390 thousand people in the office area of 10 square kilometers, which is probably the most intensive office area in china. So many people came to my mind crowded with pictures, make people feel difficulty in breathing. If you reach 600 thousand people, how can this do? In fact, people who work in China World Trade Center know: not so exaggerated. Although there are so many people here, everything is going well. In addition to work to see a lot of people, the general period, it is difficult to see a large number of dense crowd. CBD in China World Trade Center, people are impressed with the towering tree like building. The interior of the building, office environment with bright windows and clean tables, very good, even the cubicle is not higher than that of other local stenosis. In big cities, the cost of going to the sky is often much lower than the ground. All this should be attributed to the skyscrapers and they will lift city and population intensive. With the development of today’s high-rise buildings and elevators, in theory, the city’s space is infinite, but the office costs have fallen sharply. As a result, a large number of office buildings. Since the office to save costs, residential and shopping malls also have this demand. In the city center area, various city activities, most of them idle away in seeking pleasure, moved to the air. A man’s feet are not touching the earth, living upstairs for a few weeks, this kind of thing is becoming more and more common. Some scholars have envisaged that the construction of a large skyscraper community, the bottom is a public green space and parks, people can live, but also office life. The most important form of transportation in these tall buildings is walking, and the elevator. Within a square kilometer, there are several such communities, how many people can accommodate it? Perhaps tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people. Their living space has not become narrow, it may become spacious. A large number of people gathered, water and electricity, garbage disposal, trading, the cost will become very low. In order to express delivery, the delivery of the last stop costs may be a few steps. Lower cost of living, followed by an increase in the possibility of cooperation. So many people together, to have the service industry followed, idle away in seeking pleasure, business opportunities will be unlimited. Understand these, look at the China World Trade Center CBD high-rise get together, you probably will understand. High gathering, basic services will be developed. Many office buildings, full competition, and then you will not be too expensive. This area of the industry are mostly media, advertising, finance, the Internet, these high intelligence industry needs a good office environment, but also for the crowd gathered a lot of demand. In fact, the company gathered to facilitate the exchange of.相关的主题文章: