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Related to you! 1000 days to change these benefits to give you the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group was established for over a period of 1000 days, has held a meeting of the 27, considered the 162 documents. What people care about, look forward to what the reform will seize what, what to promote, through reform to bring more people to get a sense of." Deep restructuring tall on the top-level design, docking is heavy public opinion. A deep restructuring passed many reform issues, occupy most of the is the people’s livelihood. Reform continues to release the bonus, is quietly affecting your life. In 1, the 31 provinces public hospital medical price reform, all public hospitals to solve the "difficult and expensive" is the reform pilot city [] to promote the separation of medicine, and actively explore a variety of effective ways to reform yaobu mechanisms, cancel the drug addition (Chinese herbal medicine except). — the "guidance" on the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city of [] in effect as of August this year, the country’s 31 provinces were carried out in the pharmaceutical price reform in public hospitals, cancel the drug addition at the same time, with the rise and fall of adjusting the price of medical services, promote the break the "yaobu" mechanism. Moreover, this year’s government work report made it clear that in 2016 to achieve full coverage of a serious illness insurance, urban and rural residents basic health insurance system, financial subsidies from 380 yuan per person per year increased to $420. A series of medical reform initiatives are trying to solve the problem of "difficult and expensive to see a doctor". 2, the abolition of agricultural accounts unified account for residents, Kita Kamihiro integral settled starting [reform] to cancel the agricultural and non-agricultural household accounts to distinguish the nature and derived therefrom, such as the blue print account account type, unified registered as resident accounts, the household registration system reflects the population registration and management functions. – on further promoting the reform of the household registration system opinion [progress] as of now, China’s 31 provinces have all introduced the reform of the household registration system views. Around the general abolition of the distinction between agricultural and non-agricultural household nature, relax settled conditions in some areas, there are more than half a century of two yuan household registration system is out of the stage of history. In addition, the depth of the reorganization of the city’s population of more than 5 million clear established integral settled system. As of August this year, the Beijing integral settled management approach (Trial), the official announcement, North Guangzhou Shenzhen four points in the first tier cities settled policy baked. Although each city settled the difficulty is not the same, but undoubtedly for the struggle where the dreamers to open a window. 3, education resources to incline to poverty-stricken areas, more poor students round school dream [reform initiatives] subordinates universities, provincial key universities should arrange a certain proportion of the quota to recruit outstanding students in rural areas of remote and poverty-stricken ethnic minority areas. In 2017, the number of rural students in key areas of rural areas increased significantly, which formed a long-term mechanism to ensure the key university students in rural areas. "On deepening the reform of the examination and enrollment system implementation opinions" [progress] education resources to the poor areas tilt, is to help children in poor areas 7相关的主题文章: