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Be moved! The old man pulled the icy river rafting suicide 400 meters (Figure) – Beijing, November 17th, Chengdu days back to the town, the taxi driver man jumped into the river at the scene of the demonstration. Who will save bamboo rescued Mr. Gan with mr.. In November 17th, Chengdu Tian Hui Zhen Da Wan cun. Dongfengqu cold wind in winter, water rapids. 9 in the morning, a taxi parked on the roadside, a man walked off the river not far away, suddenly jumped off the water. "Someone jumped into the river!" Another man shouted while jumping off the rescue. Just a few minutes, two people were rushed to the downstream of 400 meters away, the rescue is exhausted. At this time, a nearby villagers out of a clothes pole, will save people who picked up…… The car man called cancer hospital talk "as One finished, all is finished." 17 PM 3, taxi master challenges Choi mercilessly took a sip of wine, repeating: "I have pressure yajing! A life alive ah, not say no!" 6 hours ago, General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region, received the third challenges financial business: three men holding blankets, blankets, water bottles and other daily necessities, the destination is the days back to the town of Dawan village. Driving on the way, and three people talk that financial challenges, the copilot sat the man surnamed Lu, 53 years old this year, cancer hospital, his wife died young, had a daughter, but not many exchanges. "Pain, no money for treatment, as well as One finished, all is finished." The car, Lumou constantly talking about. Lu was sitting behind the 72 year old Mr. Gao and Mr. Gan, who is 61 years old. They came to help with the packing and packing. Two days ago, they just through a friend, met lumou. Mr Gan said, had 9 points, a taxi into Dawan village, Lumou said to urinate, then pull over financial challenges. Then, Lumou took out a 20 yuan in cash, money didn’t accept the challenges, said "you are so difficult, how can I take your money." Suicide jumped into the river to follow not to utter a single word companion diving save Lumou after getting off the bus, get off with mr.. In the ladder Dongfengqu riparian, Mr. Gan just to help Lumou unstrap, Lumou suddenly jump, "rat-a-tat" jumped into the river, did not say a word. "Someone jumped into the river!" Seeing this, Mr. Gan immediately lost mobile phone on the ladder, with the left hand, jumped into the river and caught the lumou. "The water is very cold, the water is very urgent." Mr. Gan grabbed Lumou, want to rely on the river, but he felt that Lumou did not desire to survive, keep going in the opposite direction to break, and he just put up Lumou, Lumou went up to him under the water, and then drill down, lumou…… In addition to the river rapids, Mr. Gan "swim very difficult". Soon, two people were pushed to the river at the distance of 100 meters diving under the overpass, Mr. Gan in the choke a few slobber after shouting: "I can not, there is no one to save me?" Mr. Gan exclaimed, let nearby residents heard Zeng yong. Emergency rescue could not carry the residents with a bamboo pole to save Ceng Yong from childhood he lived by a river,…相关的主题文章: