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Look down at the mobile phone insurance butt dispute two college students more than 50 people called the "frame" – JINGWAH Beijing Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) Lee walked down at the mobile phone, almost hit Wu’s girlfriend, then the two sides dispute and thus to solve the conflict escalated, a total of more than 50 people gathered in Haidian District Zhongguancun software park outside the woods about frame, Wu 3 people were labeled as minor injuries. The reporter learned yesterday, Haidian court of first instance to commit the crime of affray and sentenced to a strong, Wu to 1 years imprisonment, 2 months, 1 years, and to actively participate in the brawl pingmou, Zhang 2 people 9 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years. Haidian court found, April 11, 2015 13 am, in a private university, a strong, Moumou with two girls walking on the road, Lee looked down at the mobile phone, almost hit Wu’s girlfriend, strong and Wu then the two sides dispute. Wu said, there are many people, to my dormitory, 4 people went to his dormitory with wu. To the dormitory both sides continue to quarrel, Wu took a thermos bottle to a hit on the head, although not a hit, but was scratched a glass on the ear. After the students were opened, the two sides to negotiate about the cafeteria. Let a strong Wu for medical expenses, Wu did not agree, so the two sides about frame, we set the place at the school gate at the grove. It is understood that, due to fear of losing a fight, a strong found pingmou, Zhang and other 30 people, Wu called Lee, Chen, more than 20 people. 17 pm the same day, a strong, Wu Moujun with their people to gather in Haidian District on the Zhongguancun software park outside the South Gate of the woods. To start, the two sides match a few words, and then they rushed to fight together. For two or three minutes, I heard someone shouting, "the police," and everyone ran away. In April 14, 2015, a school where he received the public security guard who led the strong call, Wu and actively participate in the fight, Zhang pingmou 4 people surrendered to the public security organs. According to the identification, Wu, Lee, Chen 3 people suffered minor injuries to the body. Later, a strong 9 people in the family to help compensate for the loss of Wu economic losses of $50 thousand, and reached an agreement with Wu family. Pingmou, Zhang two people do not require compensation. Haidian court held that the strong mustered a Zhang, pingmou and more than 30 people, Wu mustered Lee, Chen and more than 20 people, 4 people of affray, constituted the crime of affray. In view of the fact that 4 people can voluntarily surrender, and voluntarily confessed main facts of the crime, are surrendered, and some 3 people in the family has the help to compensate Wu economic losses and won the understanding, the 4 sentences per capita. In addition, according to Zhang, pingmou two role in the crime, and the two men pleaded guilty to repentance attitude, can be two people on probation. Ultimately, the Haidian court of First Instance sentenced to the crime of affray of a strong 1 years imprisonment for 2 months, sentenced to 1 years in prison Wu, Zhang pingmou, and were sentenced to 9 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years.相关的主题文章: