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"The Bachelor" Baron Chen dance "Bao Xiaode hot eye expression syncope" – Sohu entertainment "the golden Bachelor" expression package queen Djokovic entertainment Sohu mango TV new network ensemble "the golden Bachelor" part of the end of last week in Sanya to date, a total of 15 goddesses out of regret, this week Baron Chen and the 10 goddesses left to Shanghai to start a new romance. Currently the program has aired four, the relationship between the goddess is also more profound. The fifth update on Saturday will be more brutal. Received a date card Zhang Xiao and Cui Yinglun to go on a date with a luggage, did not receive the rose of Baron Chen, will be eliminated directly, in the face of a good sister to leave, the goddess sad cry. At the same time, continue to sweet dating scene constantly hilarious, four dimensional male god Baron Chen enjoyed the dance, let the goddess call too spicy eyes, funny little words are frequent Durkin, game scared almost fainting, worrying. Baron Chen selected four dimensional understanding routines goddess boy nature release dance hot eye program last week, Baron Chen set a romantic dating test of the goddess of the plane to his understanding, Tang Zhuoyi finally separate dating opportunities, but the reception performance is Tucao let Baron Chen not satisfied. This week, Baron Chen once again set up a test of tacit understanding of the problem, the difficulty of upgrading. Baron Chen to the four goddesses dating sites, Baron Chen will only appear in one of them, who can select the lucky and understanding, will together with Baron Chen romantic Handmade, reproduction of television drama classic plot. The final result is surprising, but also once again set off a war between the goddess. At the same time this week program, Baron Chen and the goddess came to the amusement park dating to the amusement park of Baron Chen’s big hair, showing the four dimension big boy character, funny childish joke. After several rounds of games, Baron Chen selected a goddess to enjoy the merry sweet time, but in the roundabout romantic, Baron Chen suddenly sexy dance, too spicy eyes, let the goddess also refer to watch, but the funny appearance or to put goddess happy. "The golden Bachelor" has been broadcast on the four, because of exaggerated facial expressions, cheerful and funny friends called "small German capture expression package" Queen of the net friend, launched in the "golden Bachelor" official micro-blog "expression package contest" in a small German screenshot is to be friends playing bad, popular high. In this Saturday’s show, many times in the camp in the small German finally got to do with other goddesses with Baron Chen to an amusement park dating. Always lively funny little German came to the amusement park full of energy, and becomes happy, playing the game after the wet body, the goddess who came to the body drying machine, wet underwear in the small German goddesses to help the body during drying, also shouted "little sister to ripe, Xiaofan audience. But after the challenge of the big pendulum, optimistic little German but burst into tears, but also almost fainting, scared Baron Chen. Small German is safe and sound, Baron Chen’s hot dance hot eyes, who will become the best actress in the amusement park dating, at 12 on Saturday afternoon, mango TV gold Bachelor announced.相关的主题文章: