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Jiangxi 22 year old people’s Congress: Although young still have to play – Sohu news October 27th afternoon, the Jiangxi Municipal People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress in a meeting of the National People’s Congress in the closing ceremony of the nine national people’s Congress on afternoon. At that moment, the members of the presidium, 22 year old city people’s Congress Chen Mengting feel, very sacred, very glorious, blood surging". "That’s true." She added. 22 year old city people’s Congress Chen Mengting, Xinyu is the youngest one of the deputies of the people’s Congress in, undergraduate study at a university in southwest of the project cost professional. She brought the 4 motions involved in education, transportation, environmental protection, are recommended to the relevant departments and units in Xinyu. For example, she found a new County Road Yushui District Xi Xiang Xinyu city due to heavy vehicles more driving difficult, people difficult situation, there are security risks. The National People’s Congress, Chen Mengting will bring about the settlement of new roads in the territory of the highway maintenance fund motion, the higher authorities recommend the functional departments of the highway project or financial support. From "Chen" to "Comrade Chen Mengting" and "Chen Mengting", served as deputy director in Yushui District of Xinyu City Service Center before the township civil servant said, do not want to own has been the subject of concern, "after all, not the entertainment stars, or starting from the development of our country, our attention township." She also said that in the future work to listen to the voice of the masses, to help them pass up and solve the problem, do a good job of the bridge between the people and the government role". Dialogue Chen Mengting surging news: on the podium is a kind of feeling? The camera may sweep you at any moment. Chen Mengting: not just because of the lens tension, shoot may not shoot me, because I sat in the back, the last row, the first row is the municipal leadership, according to this row. I feel very nervous to participate in this meeting, elected to the city people’s Congress has entered a relatively tense state, but the beginning of the meeting on the good. Surging news: you are one of the youngest deputies to the NPC, is also the only representative of the youth delegation, some special. Chen Mengting: deputies will still have some young people, but may not be members of the presidium. The members of the Presidium may age will too large, members of the structure to have non party people, women, youth representatives, I have met. Representatives from all walks of life, a high school teacher to live with me is older than her Township, not me too much, May 25 years old. Surging news: meeting with the city leaders talked about it? Chen Mengting: we will sit down with the city’s leadership, there are some communication, perhaps this is not in the previous work in the township government. It is also good to communicate with them, which can help me to express the motion. Sometimes the meeting will come down to talk about, but not much to talk about, more or in a meeting. Surging news: conference report is generally relatively long, it sounds boring? Chen Mengting: I think it’s okay. Meeting will not say anything else, there is a very rigorous process. They all say something real.相关的主题文章: