4 men sold fake brand pipe products, one of them was arrested and said they didn’t know 小坂めぐる

4 men selling fake brand-name pipe one after being caught unaware that several men gang up in our city, selling fake brand-name pipe, finally caught by the police. In May this year, I found that the business sector in the daily work, Yunyang area man Lee Sales of a well-known brand of pipe for counterfeit products. This batch of products more than 2000, worth more than 40 yuan. Then, the transfer of clues to the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Zhang wan. Zhang Wan Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade immediately set up a class survey. Police summoned Li according to law, but Lee refused to admit the crime, through the entire responsibility to his home Wang, said the product is counterfeit brand unknown. Wang, a 36 year old Jiangsu man, was a distributor of the well-known pipe enterprise. After more than 3 months of investigation, the police arrested Wang in September this year. According to the investigation, in May this year, Lee and Wang negotiated the purchase of the brand of the pipe, Wang is responsible for contact with goods, Lee responsible for sales. In May 12th, Wang knowingly Huangshi man Luo and Hu sold a well-known brand of pipe products for counterfeit products, is still significantly lower than the market price of more than 2000 root purchase, sold in our city. At present, the 4 suspects in the case were arrested for the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks. Scan code "big Chu Shiyan", see more wonderful content!

4名男子销售假名牌管材 其中一名被抓后称不知情几名男子串通一气,在我市销售假冒名牌管材,最终全被警方抓获。今年5月,我市工商部门在日常工作中发现,郧阳区男子李某销售的某知名品牌管材为假冒产品。这批产品2000余根,案值40余万元。随后,该案件线索移交至张湾公安分局经侦大队。张湾公安分局经侦大队立即组成专班调查。民警依法传唤李某,但李某拒不承认违法犯罪经过,将全部责任推到其上家王某身上,称对产品是假冒名牌不知情。36岁的王某是江苏人,曾是该知名管材企业的经销商。警方经过3个多月侦查,于今年9月将王某抓获。经查,今年5月,李某与王某商议购进假冒该品牌的管材,由王某负责联系货源,李某负责销售。5月12日,王某明知黄石男子罗某和胡某卖的某知名品牌管材为假冒产品,仍以明显低于市场价的价格购进2000余根,在我市销售。目前,该案4名犯罪嫌疑人因涉嫌销售假冒注册商标的商品罪,被警方刑拘。 扫码“大楚十堰”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章: