Tongliao eleven golden week Maple Leaf tourism hot travel channel sql server 2000 个人版

Tongliao "eleven" golden week   Maple Leaf   tourism hot travel channel in Tongliao in October, the wind gradually cool, red maple, autumn, Golden Week tourism redubujian. During the festival, the city received a total of 837 thousand and 700 tourists at home and abroad, an increase of 16.5%. One night 102 thousand and 800 tourists, tourists 734 thousand and 900 passengers. Tourism revenue 258 million yuan, an increase of 19%. National Day during each county to carry out urban rich and colorful festivals to celebrate the 67 birthday of the motherland. The museum launched the "carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march comprehensive well-off" Tongliao Red Army memorial exhibition, relive the glorious history of the extremely hard and bitter, promote the socialist core values, inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the long march. Kailu County Museum, the new wheat wheat new martyrs cemetery during the festival, free of charge, to provide convenience for the public to pay homage to the martyrs. Filial piety manor cultural tourism area and many other scenic spots during the holiday season launched a fare discount activities, attracting many tourists sightseeing. In order to "Xiangshan green in Tongliao Red Maple" as the theme of the first Tongliao 2016? Wudantala international Maple Festival opened on October 5th in kezuohouqi Wudantala five Maple Park -7. Ao’bao ceremony, Wulanmuqi wonderful song and Dance Festival, International Festival National photography contest started, the maple leaf maple hundred couples romantic wedding photography show, invited the most unusual folk style "Mongolian national costume exhibition, locomotive road riding tour," low carbon "aerobic cool running game, square dance and yangko dance contest and regional tourism cooperation forum and ten theme activities attracted 23 thousand people outside the city of Wudantala maple beauty. In addition, Wanli fur city, gold leaf, Wanda, Eurasian, WAL-MART, RT Mart Shopping Festival enterprises to seize opportunities, based on discounts, sweepstakes, cash back and other traditional promotional activities, businesses are fully integrated into the modern business philosophy and technology elements, to create a new marketing mode. At the same time, viewing, reading, sports exhibition, festive way more and more people of all ages, the cinema bursting with popularity, released a number of new films and popular applause. Forest Park, people’s Park, Liaohe Park Leisure Square bursting with popularity, attract the majority of people stop to enjoy the autumn, feel the breath of autumn, autumn colourful encounter. For the majority of tourists to create a safe, orderly, civilized environment of holiday tourism, the City Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Food and drug administration, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau inspection group, before the development of tourism safety in Horqin district in Kulun, before the flag, Naiman and market order joint inspection. The inspection group through ledger data, on-site inquiries, etc. in the field of view, this year more prominent tourist complaints on the issue of the inspection. During the festival, the City Tourism Bureau complaints smooth travel channel, perform 24 hours of complaints on duty system, expand the network channels for complaints, using the WeChat platform public complaints handling system information, ensure all-weather unimpeded channels of tourist complaints. Establish and improve the city, its tourism enterprises, the three tourist complaint handling mechanism, to strengthen the tourist complaints as the starting point, to promote tourism quality)相关的主题文章: