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Can guarantee the security of peace keeping soldiers? Leadership: the most dangerous place in military — September 29th local time, South Sultan (Zhu Ba) China peacekeeping infantry battalion instructor Lu Chengjun on duty on check warrior weapons, warned on patrol to Caution! Door. Ding Zengyi night like ink, stars such as rain. Just returned home from South Sultan (Zhu Ba) China peacekeeping infantry battalion for monitor Yao Daoxiang, eager and his comrades take the warriors armed personnel carriers, to Juba city UN House No. 1, No. 4 post for refugee camp…… This is a place that evening he The imprint is engraved on my heart., bullets flying more than two months ago, surfacing again — on the evening of July 10th, South Sultan government forces and rebels in fierce fighting occurred near the No. 1 refugee camp. At 18:39, a rocket hit is No. 105, No. 4 sentry duty infantry fighting vehicles, Yao Daoxiang and four other comrades were injured, Li Lei, Yang Shupeng two comrades killed. After injury, Yao Daoxiang was taken back to the motherland careful treatment, recovered from September 23rd. Experienced the life and death of the comrades in arms, most know the value of friendship." Yao Daoxiang pointed to a piece of land under the No. 4 post told reporters, "No. 105 infantry suffered rocket attacks here, comrades quickly carry out self-help and mutual aid, the war in life and death of the scene I never forget!" The next scene to rescue the wounded, let Yao Daoxiang courage — No. 105 infantry attack, commander Wang Yuan immediately organized force sealed off the scene, in the line of command instructor Lu Chengjun led his comrades braved the flying bullet, organization attack fire, ammunition and transfer vehicles to rescue the wounded evacuation…… See the commander took the lead, and the soldiers with the face of life and death, the saying of Yao Daoxiang with anti Japanese hero General Hao Mengling expressed his feelings at that time — will have bisizhixin, there is no life! It says no clothes, and his son…… It says no clothes, and the child with skirts! Peacekeeping is a battlefield, threatened by growing crises. The long patrol, armed guards, sentinel surveillance, city patrol, emergency and other dangerous work is China peacekeeping Infantry Battalion soldiers daily required course. Reporter read since late September the camp "daily briefing" found that almost every day gunfire sounded in the vicinity of some refugee camps around the sentinel. Peacekeeping officers and soldiers always face the test of life and death. The most effective persuasion of a commander is to lead by example, to rush to the front line when he is in danger, and fight with the soldiers." Instructor Lu Chengjun has a thing of fresh — peacekeeping Infantry Battalion soldiers attacked, a soldier’s mother called and asked him: "you can not guarantee the absolute safety of my son?" Lu Chengjun replied: "to be honest, I can not guarantee the absolute safety of your son. But I can assure you that in the most dangerous place, our infantry battalion leaders will be with the soldiers." The mother said, "I’ll be relieved." In friendship, in life and death. Southern Sultan (Zhu Ba) Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion of soldiers, the motherland at a distance of thousands of miles away in Africa in unison  red earth, with courage and play, for the United Nations peacekeeping)相关的主题文章: