Look out! Don’t let the heater become a killer! Sohu – cad2012序列号和密钥

Look out! Don’t let the heater become a "killer""! – the weather is getting colder and colder. What are you keeping warm? Since the beginning of winter, as the temperature gradually decline, whether it is shopping malls, supermarkets, retail stores, or street stalls, you can find all kinds of heating supplies figure. However, these products favored by the public at the same time, there are security risks can not be underestimated. In particular, the children have to pay special attention to the family, warm winter is a major event, but do not let these warm weapon into a warm killer". Electric heating Bao "grenade" one day last year, Henan Ms. Ma began to watch TV 6 year old son Chen after he finished his homework, Ms. Ma will be a charge for the hand warmer to son hand warmer. You took the electric heater, in my arms, not on the face of friction. The result is less than 10 minutes, a loud explosion of electric heater "bang", Chen Chen’s face "deformation", after the diagnosis of mild burns. Buy electric heater to remember 3C experts remind consumers in the purchase of "electric heater", must be to the regular business purchase, the purchase should pay attention to check whether the product has the name and address, certificate and "3C" compulsory certification mark, must not covet cheap, as to the vendors or illegal business places to buy, otherwise unable to guarantee safety. Electric heater of the purchase and use of the 1 methods, to see whether the product is the product certificate or quality guarantee; 2, pay attention to the instructions on whether "mentioned in the separation of water and electricity heating and pressure control technology of explosion-proof equipment etc.; 3, electric heater Water Leakage most afraid of leakage, electric heating power in Baotong, to determine the socket dry; 4, when charging, insert the plug into the first water storage type electric heater socket connected to the power supply, from a 2 meter distance, avoid the electric heater in my arms charging, to prevent electric shock; the bag body slightly bulged, and then unplug the power off bag 5, bag shaped plugs; electric heater in the charging process, if the bag was expanded, the remaining air bag body, should cut off the power supply then unplug the plug plug from the bag body, exhaust outlet bet, put in the bag Air exhaust; 6, no acupuncture, pressure, to prevent the liquid leakage caused by leakage; 7, the use of hand warmer is best not more than 3 years. According to the date of production on the packaging of the calculation, after 3 years will be discarded, the acquisition of new use. "Little sun" frequency stuffed tragedy for Jiangsu in the winter of 2013 in Pengcheng at a girl after playing computer games, forgot to turn off the small solar heater, ignited a quilt, causing home was burned into ruins; the same year Jiangsu Lianyungang a woman using a small solar heating at home, I do not know what causes the sun suddenly fire ignited the whole building unit floor, leaving many people trapped. A little warmer why have such power? The working principle of the sun is actually let the resistance wire electrified, and then release the heat to warm. We can clearly see through the infrared thermometer: "small sun" outside the central temperature of up to 194.1 degrees! The temperature of the heat source is as high as 407.7 degrees. The researchers tried to close the paper towel to the sun!相关的主题文章: