Children swim Cherry Valley to catch tadpoles – Sohu maternal and child 残清1864

Family Travel: Cherry Valley catch tadpoles in the tadpole – Sohu in Cherry Valley: A Fang and mother when we have the tadpoles experience? When a net up, see the net slippery, dark, twisted body tadpoles, our hearts must be full of joy. The child’s heart is similar. Today’s children, as we were. Today, I went to Cherry Valley with little Z to catch tadpoles. With the same, there is a small Z students YY. Cherry Valley, in the Fragrant Hills area, belongs to the Beijing botanical garden. Catching tadpoles, this is not the purpose of our trip, it is an unexpected surprise. We meant to climb mountains. The children do not enjoy walking too flat, Cherry Valley is in the mountains, the plant garden, sparsely is relatively small, we will go in that direction. Along the way, the path along the cliff, the small bridge, flowing water, flavor. From time to time to see the huge spider web, tied between two trees, spectacular. Thick layers of plants, like a tropical rainforest. Water mist, not for a moment to feel the clothes a little damp. Along the Cherry Valley, go to almost no ditch, is the source of water". As the name suggests, this is the origin of the stream. This thought will see gurgling springs, see is indeed a trickle of trickling streams crevice, unusually clear. It is here that we caught a few tadpoles; indeed, it is a small Z caught a few tadpoles, there is no tool, only one hand. Next to the visitors zhikua small Z the stream may also be cold, some tadpoles slow. A few tadpoles looked at small Z bag, a little sister side could not resist to call: "elder brother, I also want a ~" this brother was generous, send one to my little sister. In addition to catch tadpoles, we also took the opportunity to climb a mountain. In the eyes of the children, to climb the steps of the mountain is not a mountain, that’s not challenging; you have to climb to climb, not the way of the mountain, there is also the way people get out of the way; it seems that the only way to stimulate, to release their endless strength, meet their desire to explore. And children together, when I from. My job is to give them courage, to ensure the safety of. Three of our company, go straight to the front, not the ancients who could be seen. Only around three of us, oh no, there are squirrels; caution, I suggest reentry. Little Z reluctant. YY said: "go back, climb over the mountain, to Badachu!" YY this child is also often climb, and so familiar with the terrain here. Two to one, we’re back. After climbing a small Z sleep a night of tianshan. In September 24, 2016 a public subscription number — happy parent-child reading (xingfuqinziyuedu), Fang for you to share good books, educational articles, and you exchange the original parental perception, welcomed the attention. :)相关的主题文章: