Buy whatever you want! The airport duty-free shopping spree! wh60a

Buy whatever you want! The airport duty-free shopping spree! Outbound tourism, how can miss at the airport duty-free shop cheap goods, the airport duty-free shops usually sell some tobacco, cosmetics and luxury goods, different countries duty-free shops to buy will be different, at the airport duty-free shops to buy what? Go to the airport duty-free shops to buy what cost-effective? 1 Shanghai Pudong International Airport Estee Lauder price lowest in asia. Recommendation: on duty free best buy: Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder products, the lowest prices in Asia: outbound shopping very convenient cigarette storage service experience Shopping Spree: Estee Lauder, MER, Chanel and other LA beauty is cheaper than Hongkong! Especially Estee Lauder, the price may be the lowest in asia!! For example: Estee Lauder eye cream, counters a single bottle of 560 yuan. Day duty-free shops 2 bottles 680. Then get a 5% off day discount card is more cost-effective. On the day, buying cigarettes is also quite cost-effective. The smoke every day to buy out of stock. Some brands of cigarettes to buy 2 is the market to buy the amount of 1 oh. If you want to buy back take if a person can buy 2. Intimate tips: 1 before the exit to buy, where to register, back to the time to get it! Back when the duty-free shop is too small, there is no large-scale variety of outbound shops. 2 cosmetics, then buy a suit more cost-effective oh!! The choice of 3 after the end of the counter please Miss package ticket, return ticket and then return to the registration for delivery!! So you don’t need to bring it. 2 Hong Kong International Airport duty-free shop big bag the most affordable. Best buy: big bags, sunglasses, watches the most cost-effective not worth buying cosmetics (or on cheap) shopping spree Raiders: Hong Kong International Airport duty-free shops shops in particular, there are a variety of top luxury brands. Is the big brand best buy handbags, sunglasses. Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Cartire… No tariffs, they where the price is more amiable and easy of approach. Cosmetics is still recommended in Shanghai or Beijing to buy duty-free shops on the day cheaper. Tips: if you go to the 1 time period is just the Hongkong discount season (7-8 months and Christmas), it is recommended that you buy in the harbour directly, do not buy at the Hongkong airport duty-free shops. 2 although the duty-free shops in Beijing, Shanghai, some parts of the price lower than Hongkong, but there are some sets of Hongkong airport is not the mainland airport. Waiting time can also visit. 3 finally, if you want to buy some health care products to bring back, you can choose the terminal 1 Yu Rensheng, where health care products are pure Chinese medicine, the price is cheaper than the country of origin of singapore. 3 Thailand Don Mueang International Airpo Airport duty-free shops L’OREAL price lowest in the world. Best buy brand: Boots (cosmetics), cost-effective, good for the cheapest brand: L’OREAL (cosmetics), the price is almost the world’s most distinctive commodity: Thailand handicrafts, such as products, Buddhism supplies Tess only this sale: Thai SPA fine oil not worth buying electronic products, such as: digital camera)相关的主题文章: