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Department of transportation: attaches great importance to production safety work in winter to avoid luck – Beijing, Beijing, November 1, according to the Ministry of transportation website news, the Ministry of transportation today issued a notice on earnestly winter transportation safety production work. The circular pointed out that all departments and units should attach great importance to the safety of production in winter, and resolutely avoid paralysis of thought, luck. Notice mentioned, it is predicted that this winter will develop into a weak Nina, most likely caused by the cold wind continued to frequent, serious low temperature, freezing rain and snow. Affected by this, much of the north cold weather, the Yellow Sea Bohai sea ice is thick, the South may appear more serious freezing rain, coupled with the impact of possible frequent haze, sudden fog, dump heavy rain, traffic and transportation safety production will face more severe test. Moreover, this period will also usher in "two" and the Spring Festival, to protect the safety of heavy tasks. The circular stressed that at present, in some places, some units have not yet implemented the security responsibilities, security work is not in place, security risks still exist. All departments and units should attach great importance to production safety work in the winter, from the ideological understanding, measures, such as the responsibility to implement the real need to secure work in the first place, to strengthen the organization and leadership, in a highly responsible attitude, strict political and practical style of work, and earnestly implement the safety responsibility to do their best. Due diligence, and resolutely avoid paralysis of thought, luck. Notice that we need to estimate the serious impact of bad weather may cause, fully anticipate the "two" and during the Spring Festival transportation safety production work difficulty, to develop targeted and effective measures to strengthen safety supervision in key areas important period, continue to deepen the safety special rectification action to crack down on all kinds of illegal engaged in transportation safety production and management behavior. The circular pointed out, to strengthen the duty and emergency duty work, strictly implement the responsibility system and the leadership class during the holiday season, the key posts 24 hours duty system, emergency preparedness work, to further improve the accident, counter-terrorism and other various types of contingency plans, emergency drills and training to increase efforts to enhance the pertinence and practicality, ensure the equipment emergency equipped with rescue and aid in place, and effectively protect the prevention and disposal of emergency ability. In case of emergencies and accidents danger, make scientific response, timely and proper disposal, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the information timely and accurate reporting, no delay, failure or.相关的主题文章: