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Song Zhichen: 9.15EIA crude oil inventories rising three after the pupil who with? Mid autumn day, a single set of silver asphalt solution Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Oil guide Song Zhichen: 9.15EIA crude oil inventories rising three after the pupil who with? Mid autumn day silver single solution will pitch the EIA last night by Song Zhichen frequently found that investors in the market like a fly without head hanging out every day, every day at the same market analysis, do not know exactly what to choose the platform, which the teacher, after the list of quilt styled, the results become vicious spiral. In fact, you invest in friends, you should think about it, what do you want? Nothing more than to make money for the purpose of finding the ideal responsible teacher. What do you want from the market? Nothing more than a single proposal, you can do to make a single, make money. I believe that the note of my friends should be able to see my strength should be profitable. In fact, in the view of Song Zhichen investment is mostly look at the fate, if you believe in fate, I believe I can do for you what intentions, you can try our first cooperation, hope the teacher friends can also follow me, maybe one of the remotest corners of the globe, which day you need me? Before you no matter whether your past earnings, I can not participate in, but your future I can fight in the end. Yesterday evening, 22:30 announced EIA crude oil inventory data, as of September 9th, when the week of the original oil depot recorded a decrease of 559 thousand barrels, the expected value of an increase of 3 million 800 thousand barrels, the former value is reduced by 14 million 513 thousand barrels. U.S. EIA crude oil inventories recorded for three consecutive weeks of decline. Specific data show that as of September 9th week recorded gasoline inventories increased 567 thousand barrels, is expected to increase by 343 thousand barrels, the former value decreased by 4 million 211 thousand barrels last week; the Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, crude stocks slumped last night, EIA and crude oil inventories amazingly recorded a decline; but this week, gasoline inventories and refined oil inventories are have a larger increase in domestic crude oil production rose for the first time; the United States ushered in four, data released after oil prices pulled. But the slow recovery of oil drilling in the United States since May is gradually being fed back to the u.s.. Oil prices are falling again. For the EIA market last night Song Zhichen personal views fell after the first rise, so the data before to take advantage of low capital large number of single friends ahead of the layout, when oil prices rise to 45 after the callback again to around 44.7, more than a single decisive stage, empty single backhand to do in. How fast, how fast the fall, oil prices fell below $44 in just an hour, the lowest to 43.74. Last night EIA operation so far has been the perfect ending, although the operation is not very frequent last night, a total of two single, but only because of my personal profit, the pursuit of a healthy, spotted, start time, wait, or empty and not the pursuit of more data and the blind approach. Because I have always been the pursuit of confidentiality, so this evening I do not call the warehouse customers single process too much相关的主题文章: