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The world’s largest hotel giant display Chinese market "ambition" – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai (reporter Li Jiajia) in September 26, the completion of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts (hereinafter referred to as Starwood) acquisitions, the world’s largest hotel group Marriott started in China market to flex its muscles. "We will bring together 30 great brands after the merger, 16 of which have been operating in the Greater China region, the future is expected to have more China brands," Li Yusheng’s chief operating officer of Marriott International Group Greater China 26 days to accept China News Agency reporters interview as saying. In April 2015, Starwood announced the sale; November, Marriott to Starwood olive branch, in the fierce competition with the Ampang, Marriott in April 9th this year at a price of $12 billion 400 million acquisition of Starwood transactions approved by shareholders of both companies in September 20th Chinese; Ministry of Commerce approved the acquisition, 23 Marriott formally announced the completion of Starwood M & A. The completion of the merger after the Marriott in the global more than and 110 countries and regions of operations or franchise property will reach more than 5 thousand and 700, the number of rooms up to 1 million 100 thousand, in absorbing Starwood’s 11 brands, Marriott will converge to 30 covering luxury, senior and intermediate hotel brand, to become the world’s largest hotel group. "Like" after the Marriott in the China market the next step how to walk? There is no doubt that the pace of expansion will not slow down. He Guoxiang, CEO of Greater China International Group, told China News Agency reporter, whether in the past, present or future, China is a very important market. China’s market is very large, we are trying to seize every opportunity here." He Guoxiang said, China super million population city hundreds, many of them still stationed in the City Marriott, "in the future, we will continue to focus on the two or three line and four line city, of course, we will also further promote the city core and an important gateway to the second city growth". But he also pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce Chinese is most concerned about whether the merger would harm the interests of consumers, the Marriott Hotel mainly for high-end hotel, located in a second tier city, we provide the data show that after the merger of the Marriott in the part of the District Hotel accounted for less than 3%". Right now, China’s economy is slowing down the new normal, but this will not become a concern for the development of marriott. "China is now the second largest economy in the world, but if the China hotel market compared with Europe, the number of hotels Chinese is still less, which means there are more opportunities in Chinese," Li Yusheng said, in addition, the number of middle-class Chinese are increasing rapidly, "said China economic slowdown, but I think this is not a problem, because this is a percentage, we need to put the GDP base and the percentage Chinese increased compared Chinese will find that economy is developing very well, we are very confident of Chinese market." For the birth of Marriott in 1927, after the merger is also necessary to adjust. "Now we are the largest hotel group, but if we can’t be together."相关的主题文章: