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Baidu "Prince" Li Mingyuan resigned to avoid responsibility – Leidi Lei Jianping November 5th science and technology Sohu network reported in 2016 is Baidu’s turbulent years, have suffered Post Bar storm, Wei Zexi after the incident, Baidu in November 4th is "East Palace incident" — known as the "Prince" of Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan was announced to leave. Li Mingyuan has 3 main crimes: in 1, a company participating in the acquisition of the project, and is responsible for the acquired company have huge private economic exchanges; 2, in its management of the scope of business, the person in charge of cooperation with a partner has a huge game private economic exchanges; 3, business Association Li Ming far personal equity investment outside of the company and Baidu, according to the company filing system. Baidu also pointed out that Li Mingyuan has the initiative to admit, to resign to the company, the company decided to approve, with immediate effect. Li Mingyuan in the Baidu internal step by step edge early signs, April 2016, Baidu Baidu search company was established, under the jurisdiction of the search business group (SSG), mobile services group (MSG), and vice president of Baidu Ceng Liang is responsible for the division of glutinous rice. This is the biggest change is that before the report directly to Baidu CEO Li Mingyuan, to report to the sea to the work of Robin Li. Although Robin Li in the internal letter to comfort Li Mingyuan, said Baidu is far more than the young managers themselves, led MSG in the transformation of the mobile made a great contribution to the road. "I hope that far can work closely with the dragon in the future, the more challenging the battlefield games to play, make greater achievements." However, people can see that Li Mingyuan is right down inside Baidu, once the "Prince" at this time of the day is not easy. Another case is that "favor" of Baidu as the most important annual meeting, Li Mingyuan did not appear in any 2016 World Congress on Baidu, the seating was arranged in Robin Li’s distant place, Li Mingyuan is next to Robin Li’s previous speakers. In fact, at the beginning of September 2016, there are people to Leidi network broke the news, Li Mingyuan has submitted the application for leave. Li Mingyuan ready to leave the rumors pass again from the outside, not surprisingly, the real surprise is outside, "Prince" has ended in this way. Young was very early into the Baidu top 1983 born young Li Mingyuan proud, Communication University of China director of professional enrollment in 2001. In 2004 as an intern to join Baidu, as Baidu’s first product manager Post Bar, under the tutelage of the soul of Yu Jun Baidu products. 2005 Baidu best newcomer, 2006 Baidu best manager. 2007 Baidu e-commerce business unit general manager, responsible for its Baidu and BaiduPay and other services. In the Baidu take charge as chief of when Li Mingyuan was 24 years old, a lot of talent graduated 2 years earlier. Li Mingyuan left Baidu in August 2010. 2011 UC as vice president of product excellence. November 2011 return to Baidu as senior director of mobile products. February 2012, as Baidu move.相关的主题文章: