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These years, film and film – the science and technology Sohu | Lanna evening recently these days, a lot of advertising film fire up. Advertisement price of SONY PS4, the magic of brainwashing, consistent SONY law that. Long long holiday resort in Zhuhai, a video on the two more, and the style is quite different from SONY, the delay of photography and aesthetic route to go beautiful. However, these two commercials in different styles, but all of them belong to the type of product is "straight from the heart". This pure show commercials selling products directly to achieve viral effect in the mass media, people can not help but sigh the environmental change. 6 years ago, Hu Ge gave up making a series of commercials at the time it is red too overwhelming, it is the largest of a "viral video" this word is pushed to the front of the public. After a long period of time, Party B will be on the dialect of viral video and Internet marketing. In fact, this also shows that 6 years ago the market environment — advertising film to be covered with a layer of skin to creative streets, if not funny users will not buy it. In fact, at an earlier time, the country has been creative advertising films. More than and 10 years ago, the NIKE ad is now being re turned out by users, a group of 80s campus as the background of the short film, the theme of "at any time". Into the unexpected master Guozhao ordinary life scene, now still had no outstanding creative, but the spread of the Internet, although winning but also no too big reaction. It can be said that at that time the domestic market does not have the spread of creative advertising. Hu Ge’s appearance, it can be said that this piece of soil poured a bucket of fertilizer. Party A Party B after the game finally began to really well-matched in strength, Party B has the clout to discuss creative commercials brought by the communication effect, Party A is used to store the data rate conversion rate of weapons to suppress hits B more erratic. Party B seriously in the party, users are rapidly changing. The most obvious change is the commercial atmosphere, is no longer considered avoid and not the wind, even with restraint for WeChat, is also introduced in the advertising system gradually, and to connect the center of the public platform, the introduction of online and offline business resources, has become even red service to WeChat to pay social etiquette. After decades of planning economy, people are beginning to get used to the commercialization of every corner of our lives and enjoy the benefits it brings. Friends began to accept all kinds of goods on presentation, funny, beautiful, straightforward, emotional, even for those who accord with his views began to take the initiative and feelings of the commercial expression, and are willing to pay for it. So on the Internet, Thailand and Taiwan who began to frequent advertising style is elegant on the popular list. "It’s advertising," and it’s no longer a label that blocks the click and praise. Finally, the market is no longer the only way to laugh, Party A and Party B began to seek a better way of expression, began to study the user’s mentality and characteristics. More importantly, their audience groups – users who open.相关的主题文章: