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At the end of December is not deemed to give up Note 7 recall back – Sohu limited digital mobile phone China [news] after the explosion – denial – recognition – recall after Samsung, treat the consumer’s attitude seems to have changed, however, as the vulnerable groups in the event, consumers are not satisfied. Samsung Security version of Note 7 the world’s first fried witness @ old old back to micro-blog said Samsung, although a month ago issued a recall notice, but there is an additional condition: the late December 31st return the machine, or as a waiver of any problems later, by users themselves in use. Note 7 the latest return time is December 31st @ old old back to the release of micro-blog pictures can clearly see the Samsung customer service dialogue, the other said the latest return time is December 31, 2016, if overdue back problems borne by consumers. The face is the Samsung customer service manager Chinese headquarters has previously said December 31st is not mandatory, that is to say, consumers can choose to return any time, Samsung should be no reason to accept. Samsung Note 7 users in December 31st before the forced back machine Samsung Note 7 explosion time has attracted worldwide attention, but Samsung’s arrogance and did evade the crucial point consumers are very disappointed, the recall has a month’s time distance announced, still there are some mobile phone is still in use, Xiaobian also suggest that you return as soon as possible. Don’t be dangerous to stay.相关的主题文章: