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The car’s stock fell to the cordon   part raised the target — car — original title: the car’s stock fell to the cordon part raised the target before the China Automobile Dealers Association issued a "car dealer inventory survey, July car dealer comprehensive inventory coefficient of 1.39, fell to 10% year-on-year. Fell 16%, below the dealer inventory level dropped to the warning line. In particular, the independent brand, the final inventory coefficient of 1.71, a decline of 19%. Analysts pointed out that this is due to the market rumors of some cities to join the limited license and 1.6L and below the displacement of the vehicle purchase tax halved the impact of the policy is about to withdraw from the terminal market demand. Data show that in July the joint venture brands, independent brand inventory coefficient decreased compared to last month, the import brand inventory coefficient rose compared to last month. Among them, the joint venture brand inventory coefficient was 1.30, a decline of 12%, below the cordon. Imported brand inventory coefficient was 1.51, an increase of 12%, still above the cordon. The independent brand inventory coefficient was 1.71, a decline of 19%. It can be said that the independent brand inventory coefficient in June compared to a substantial decline, but due to the high inventory base in June, resulting in the level of independent brand stock in July is still above the warning line. Among them, there are two brand stock depth is still in more than 2 months, SAIC Roewe, Dongfeng peugeot. It is reported that the July dealer inventory survey mainly for the year 2015 China automobile circulation industry hundred dealer group, covering most of the provinces of the thousands of 4S shops, in the domestic market mainly production of cars sold on the basis of a car brand has increased to 55. According to international industry common practice, inventory coefficient between 0.8~1.2, reflecting the inventory at a reasonable range; inventory coefficient > 1.5, reflecting the stock reached alarming levels, need to pay attention to; inventory coefficient > 2.5, reflecting the high inventory, operating pressure and the risk is very big. Compared with the previous year, the market is significantly lower than the stock significantly increased this year, the overall inventory year on year decline with the chain. This is mainly due to the market in July this year suddenly turned hot, according to the automobile association data, July, car sales were completed 1 million 960 thousand cars and 1 million 852 thousand vehicles, down 4.4% and 10.6% respectively compared with last month, compared to the same period last year increased by 28.9% and 23%, higher than the same period last year 40.7 and 30.1 percentage points. China Automobile Dealers Association said, on the one hand, rumors around half purchase tax policy at the end of September, the purchase of Nanjing city exit rumors, prompting consumers Car Buying; on the other hand, how to carry out the local auto show, some manufacturers and dealers to carry out promotional activities to stimulate the market, sales promotion; furthermore, major OEMs have entered the high temperature maintenance the holidays, wholesale volume reduction. Eventually led to a significant reduction in dealer inventory. It is reported that the purpose of car dealer inventory survey is to grasp the pulse of the market, through the national brand car dealer inventory survey, to grasp the overall situation of the industry, to predict future market trends相关的主题文章: