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Testicular cyst, which is semen? – maternal testicular sperm production for the Sohu has a crucial role in testicular cyst, often occurs in the testis or epididymis head, the cyst contains a large number of sperm, medicine called semen cyst. Testicular cyst is the volume of seminal fluid cyst often can be very big, ache is slight or without apparent ache feeling. Sometimes the cyst volume is too large, it will cause testicular pain. The testis, testis, is very important? Of course is very important! The internal structure of the testis, the outside is a tough layer of tissue, called tunica albuginea, has a protective role of testis. The tunica albuginea thickening to the inside, will be divided into many small testes, these small partition is called the mediastinum testis cell, called lobule of testis. Normal men generally have 200 to 300 leaflets, lobular inside filled with testicular parenchyma, is the place to produce sperm, called seminiferous tubules. The testes are relatively fragile, need male friends in daily life care, especially do not often wash sauna and hot bath, the temperature is too high for the testis is not good, a little carelessness can easily affect the male sperm. Testicular cyst, what to do? 1, do not panic. Testicular cysts need to pay attention to male friends, but be sure not to panic, panic prone to make mistakes, no good for health. 2, check. Testicular cysts induced by different reasons, so the targeted nature of the examination must be less. Check from a professional point of view, to the professional male hospital inspection more reliable. 3, interrogation. Interrogation is a subject, click the "read" for consultation, the convenience of patients interrogation, one interrogation can meet the treatment needs. 4, solve. As the testis is essential for the health of men, it is necessary to timely diagnosis and treatment of testicular cysts. You have to find some testicular cyst, testis cyst were generally asymptomatic as soon as possible, sometimes scrotum discomfort or tenesmus, sometimes scrotum swell; some patients with testicular cyst of testis or epididymis reach round mass, soft texture, wave motion, clear boundary, extrusion does not reduce, the actual situation is not people are different, so the testicular cyst symptoms are different, male friends to take care of themselves, and solve problems in a timely manner. Harm of testicular cyst more directly, there also exist a long time testicular cyst for male semen influences, testicular cyst if accompanied by pain, for men working and living, health and other aspects are large, this is the need to pay attention to. Testicular cyst is a kind of disease symptoms, if you want to comprehensive treatment would need to race against time, do not despise any male disease, once the symptoms of the disease, the first is to professional hospital examination and treatment. Don’t treat the disease xinruan, men, you should stand for good health in every class.相关的主题文章: