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The glorious country Guests feel at home. White Swan, the queen had the Roasted Suckling Pig – Sohu Tourism Queen to mention, "empire of the sun", people will associate flying "Jack" and courteous gentleman, lady. Although the British dominated the world of the "empire" era already in the past, but the historical influence of English cultural contribution and comprehensive national strength, which still accounts for a very special position in the world. As the symbol of the highest power in the United Kingdom, the queen of England to each country, the grand ceremony of its welcome, should be higher than the head of state, which can also be regarded as an international practice. In October 18, 1986, as the last stop of the queen Elizabeth S’s visit to Guangzhou, the White Swan Hotel was honored to welcome the distinguished guest. In July 14, 2015, three years of transformation White Swan Hotel reopened, this day, the White Swan WeChat allure scraper circle of friends. To the collective memories of people overwhelming, such a grand occasion fully comparable to 30 years ago. The hotel opened in February 6, 1983 that a few days, the people of Guangzhou stampede in, to be squeezed out of the shoes in the lobby are picking up a few dozen. Guangzhou people are happy, because at that time, the domestic large hotels from not open to Chinese, Mr. Henry Fok insisted, "you said the reform and opening up, open is what a white swan knew." In this way, the White Swan became the first four large open reception of the public to visit the senior hotel. 30 years later, I believe that the people who lost their shoes are back. In 80s, Mr. Henry Fok took a fancy to the three side of Linjiang Island, so in the South Street No. 1 China built the first large-scale international five star hotel – White Swan Hotel, 28 storey luxury hotel suddenly sprung up, playfully overlooking the Pearl river. The rich sense of modern fashion streamlined appearance seems to those elegant European style buildings and sand plain misfits, but this small ancient collision, by the south of the Five Ridges architect She Junnan Mo Bozhi, two masters of the people made easily resolve, a three storey south of the Five Ridges traditional garden landscape is there directly into the hotel lobby, pavilions false the "hometown of water" waterfall flows, and outside the Pearl River integrated with the sand, the classical call the corresponding phase. South of the Five Ridges County, the "hometown of water", this scene, not only let Guangzhou people affected, thousands of overseas Chinese and also melt the hearts of tourists. The White Swan, built by the Chinese their design, construction and management of the five star hotel, soon became renowned at home and abroad, China Hotel and The Class Hotel ranks among the world’s benchmark, it is Guangzhou cut, tangled complex, also in my heart forever have to. In 1990, my classmates and I were lucky enough to be the first college students to be recruited by the white swan. The early days of the White Swan opened, the national leaders attach importance to the The Swan Hotel, the chief architect of reform and opening up Deng Xiaoping in 1984 and two years on the verge of the three time in 1985. Once in France Deng Xiaoping White Swan French bread obsession, the 1985 visit to the White Swan, since)相关的主题文章: