Even because of a letter car tire prices increased by 300 yuan (video) wegener肉芽肿

Just because of a letter of automobile tire prices increased 300 yuan to change those things about the car tire tire nearly two days there is a question to us by car owners maintenance public number, said why I bought a tire spent 1100 yuan, but the online price is 800-1000 yuan? Not to say that the tire offer is very transparent now? Are the pits? After the inquiry found that the owner of the tire to buy the size, pattern and so on are the same, but the speed level is not the same, the difference between a letter, but your nearly 300 yuan. What is the speed rating? Speed rating is marked on the tire of the maximum speed limit signs, such as the above figure V, which represents the highest speed of this tire is 240km H. The concept of speed rating was put forward in the 60s of last century, in order to prevent the car on the highway unlimited (with reference, pictures, inquiry) system to accelerate the risk. Today, most passenger car tire speed rating between S to Y, that is, the maximum speed can be between 180-300 km. In accordance with international standards, the speed of passenger car tire must be higher than the maximum speed. 7-10 million class A0 sedan design speed is generally 200 km. Should be equipped with a maximum speed of 210 km of H class tires, 10-15 million A-class car with a maximum speed of km of class V tires; 20-30 million B class car with a maximum speed of 270 km W tire. Why is the higher the speed, the more expensive the tires? The higher the speed of the tire, the higher the cost of processing, the so-called penny. Under normal circumstances, the same brand, the same size tires, the greater the load index, the higher the speed level, the better the performance, the price will be more expensive. Michelin, for example, the same size tires, 91V tires will be thirty or forty yuan more expensive than 91H tires. Level of speed on the tire performance tire when high speed rolling, because of extrusion, deformation and heat, while if the speed lower grade tire, tire deformation will be more serious, not only will produce more heat, but also damage the tire structure, shorten the life of tire, and even the risk of tire. In order to relieve the tire deformation and heat, high speed grade tire will make enhancement in the shoulder and pattern, which not only reduces the deformation in the rolling process of the tire, the tire grip is stronger. Here is to remind the owner, when buying tires, not only to look for the brand, the tire model must also look at the whole, do not like the friend to ask this, buy the tire brand, pattern, size, flat rate models are the same, but the speed level is poor several, finally buy a new only when the spare tire.相关的主题文章: