Beijing network about the new car will be issued by the revised version of the pilot drops subsidies mine_清翼

After the Beijing net about the new car debugging release will landing yuho provided subsidies to grab the driver drops in the "Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission released details about the car network draft" the introduction of nearly a month, the introduction of the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission on the "Beijing City Traffic Commission issued" rules for the final version of the car about a new message. November 4th, the China Times reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission stakeholders, has now completed the solicitation and modification of the views, the basic completion of the commissioning, the official version will be announced to the outside world. Although November 1st is the Ministry of communications and other seven ministries jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the management of online booking taxi service management," the official implementation of the day. However, in view of the "Beijing city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" and "Beijing City Private minibus carpool guidance (Draft)" is still in the draft stage, at this crucial point in the policy of partial vacuum, the online platform in the end what action? In the end is what kind of mentality waiting for the arrival of the new deal? Beijing about network rules debugging end time node as the industry questioned the deadline requirement of the Ministry of communications has been implemented, only 58 city announced the national network about cars and the detailed rules for the implementation of the draft, in addition to Hangzhou, Ningbo clear local rules implemented since November 1st, the first landing north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen city where the awkward stage, did not think of Beijing City Traffic Commission of foreign news, instantly broke the calm in the silent period. The above told reporters in an interview with reporters, said that since October 8th this year, after the release of the new deal draft, as of now, has been completed to seek the views of the amendment. However, the relevant person in an interview with reporters and did not disclose the details of the specific content, but told reporters, and details about the rules, and the official version of the final, will be through the Transportation Commission official website, publishing and other channels of the outside world. According to the reporter, this is so far, since the North Guangzhou Shenzhen first tier cities released the draft, the first to be confirmed by the official way of the city has completed the draft. In fact, the reporter learned that, since November 1st, the Ministry of transport is the provisions of the formal implementation of the network about cars, the online platform has been officially through the official letter, said the implementation of the new deal to support. At present, the network about car policy is in vacuum, the platform responsible person told reporters that the new policy does not yet know the city recently released details of company is still maintaining the original layout. However, according to the reporter learned that, at present, the major network about the car platform has been fully prepared, only one of the ground rules. November 4th, drops and excellent step related to the "China Times" reporter said that at present the company’s new area still do not know the final plan, do not know how will eventually change, the company currently does not modify according to each city program for comments. China stakeholders also told reporters that, because the policy has not yet adjusted around, and other policies after landing, the company will promptly amend the policy requirements. However, the reporter did not get back to the relevant aspects from easy to taxi.相关的主题文章: