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China women increasingly do not keep the women? The expression of desire too special lead: these years about the female wind most often heard: "evaluation is more and more distasteful". But a little further questioning, the woman without virtues are bad in where? The answer is exactly the same: they drink and smoke, exposure, wearing infested nightclubs, yebuguisu, hook three take four in the social network. Women are becoming more and more "bad" if replaced by men, these acts are no longer ordinary, but will not be the criteria to determine the good or bad, but society for women, always be a little harsh. So, not a woman generally bad, but women have the opportunity to show their normal desire, and this expression has not been generally accepted, so extraordinarily overhangs. "Bad woman" and "bad", there are different standards in different time and place, "bad" threshold. "Book of Songs" era, is a naive childish era, all bound has not come, the expression of desire is normal, men and women between Mulberry meet across the water, will be singing. I have a garden teacher said, the so-called "pure thought", is not that time particularly serious, but there is no "evil" concept, don’t think that what is not good. Then the wind is tight, and all sorts of tough constraints are added. "Strange Tales from Liaozhai", there are a large number of unpopular woman, born poor, character is too lively, with more than one male had in-depth exchanges, will be labeled "bad" label. This standard, until the recent work, bound feet is not good, not bad woman is like her mother. The movie "the great master", who took his wife Zhang Yongcheng to Jin Lou (roughly equivalent to today’s high-end nightclub) to listen to the song, it is regarded as a special move, Zhang Yongcheng looked in others, uncomfortable, to appease her husband before he settled down. In the 70s of last century, the "bad" threshold did not increase the number of. In 80s? Lu Min’s novel "right" undeliverable is written in 1983 the "strike hard", a group of young people, close the door to open a family party, nineteen year old Lu Danqing, and the girl at the party because Sijia had been sentenced to death. After thirty years, the desire to express the woman has finally returned to normal, bad threshold is getting higher and higher. Of course, this process is always accompanied by controversy. "If you are the one" just aired on TV, some men are angry. Yes, the woman open man, a blatant expression of man appearance, income, is simply terrible. But in the long term imprisonment, suddenly got the opportunity of women’s desire expression, expression is somewhat out of shape. All human experiences need to be inherited. But this is clearly the lack of inheritance, a woman is like from the wild is suddenly dragged into the bustling, somewhat flustered, is from one extreme to the other extreme. Met many women, but is very sexy, sexy like a movie – not commendatory, derogatory. They seem to come out of erotic movies, exaggerated and dramatic. But this would take to the streets wearing costumes and is not reliable, in the stage atmosphere, the costumes will not make people feel strange, in daily life, the expression that theatrical desire is particularly bizarre..相关的主题文章: