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Drive the FAW – Volkswagen Wei led to travel together really very simple Phoenix car · to drive some time ago, I just wrote an article about the Skoda speed your drive, it makes me believe that once this is the best shortcut to travel in the domestic car on the road, but did not expect, these days I test drive in Yunnan the new Volkswagen blue collar, perhaps this from us closer, although I have been of considerable scepticism, but when I opened, or because of errors in my navigation into a gravel road, the suspect does not seem to exist. In fact, before we start, we need to understand one thing, that is exactly what is a car? In fact, we feel, it is more like a streamlined version of the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, not only the price close to the people, and the car is more compact, displacement of economy, there is no four-wheel drive system, said bluntly, this is a stressed through the ability of wagon, is a both SUV and travel through the car crossover utility space. So, if you simply take the standard car to look at Wei collar, is not comprehensive, we have to combine it in the performance of the non pavement on a comprehensive look at. Now that we know the collar is a kind of car, so let’s look at the appearance of it is much easier, cross-border car special anti clean, and assembling silver plastic protective plate in the lip and the side front and rear skirt all let out a blue collar tooling fan children, even though some small rub no harm, but if you don’t mind, it can save a lot of maintenance costs. The design idea of front grille from the iron man armor, a distance, is really quite metallic, on both sides of the headlights with a strong popular family temperament, trapezoidal grille lower not only to enhance the safety of the collar and the upper part of the wild configuration pre parking radar improves the parking u-turn. Double waist side of the car are very sharp, but needless to say, the most conspicuous place to travel from the car’s unique D column design and roof rack. The line is slightly complicated, and even the taillights made a good echo, to say the two chrome "regret is the following exhaust, perhaps a lot of people love, of course I love, if it is true. Into the car, though the Volkswagen interior there is no need to say, all of the design are very practical, not gorgeous lines, on behalf of the pragmatic. Of course it is not nothing new, at least this seat is similar to the Alcantara material is very easy, comfortable, breathable, not only take into account the slip, and definitely not hot in summer nor cold in winter, compared to those who give you leather seats do not give you the seat heating and ventilation of the models to be more reasonable. In the configuration, the collar is equipped with cruise control, automatic headlights opened, keyless system, multifunction steering wheel, can open the panoramic sunroof, front and rear parking radar, reversing video, tire pressure monitoring, automatic air conditioning, heated seats, basically to take care of the most demand for cars, and the trunk is also equipped with a power supply 12V, convenient travel when connected car refrigerator, general utility configuration is very rich. There’s no need to worry about space.相关的主题文章: