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The advent of 2 Jin Pin 2 billion 500 million of Longhu · the source of the Great Wall and the Beijing property market price selling behind the collective explosive blowout is different, Longhu · the source of the Great Wall has been in Beijing since the opening of the sales champion. From 2014 opened the first day CD "discovered", 400 Suites sold out instantly; 2015 annual sales of thousands of sets; as of the first half of 2016, the 20 consecutive month won the Beijing resort real estate 16072 pin. Four and a half months in advance to complete the annual sales task. The biggest difference with the traditional market is hot, Longhu · the Great Wall is derived from the times to catch up with the tourism economy, the harvest is the value of the high growth dividend. Longhu · the Great Wall as a tourist resort project, but has been sought after by the market, then the Longhu · the Great Wall from selling behind, what kind of reason? The causes of tourism economy, the investment value of A new force suddenly rises. Gubei Town, holiday show according to international experience, a country’s per capita income of more than $1000, the rapid expansion of tourism demand. Per capita reached 2000 U.S. dollars will basically form a variety of leisure demand and diversification. Per capita reached $3000, holiday demand will be born. 2015, China’s per capita GDP has reached $8016, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, the first tier cities are more than 15 thousand U.S. dollars, the highest in Shenzhen reached $24 thousand in four. Tourism, has become more and more family entertainment options, many white-collar workers in Beijing, Shanghai, each year will come up as a fixed income 10%-20% travel expenses. Therefore, compared to dismal real estate data, tourism data is exciting. 2015, the total domestic tourism revenue exceeded 3 trillion and 430 billion yuan, an increase of 13.2%, the future of double-digit growth is expected to continue to maintain. Beijing, as an international tourist city, every year tens of millions of tourists to beijing. However, the current Beijing tourism market is still at the level of day trips. Gubei town as the Wuzhen star resort replica, short-term holiday market in Beijing A new force suddenly rises. With the continuous expansion of tourists, the value of the surrounding resort investment, began to surface. Genesis two Gubei Town Hot LED source of the Great Wall investment value of Gubei town is hot, nearly two years. 2014 began operations, just two years has attracted 2 million people a year, every day to receive 10000 – 50000 passengers. Only 935 thousand people in the first half of 2016 received more than $300 million profit. From the current point of view, more than 500 million of the proceeds in 2015. Gubei town hot, driven around the property market prices soaring. Longhu the Great Wall source (real estate information), for example, from 2014 to start the listing, so far two years, after several rounds of price adjustment. In the price adjustment, customers are still visible in droves, this recognition of the value of customers. It is worth mentioning that the Longhu source of the Great Wall backed by Gubei Town, the Great Wall and the Great Wall have with Simatai, water town two ace resources. Simatai the Great Wall as the treasure of world culture, is known as "the world 25 times not to be missed 8相关的主题文章: