Note to build perfect cabinet form all-round comfortable cooking companion naughty怎么读

Note: to build perfect cabinet form all-round comfortable cooking companion [Chu Home Furnishing] Reading on the tongue surprise in addition to a bit of seasoning, cooking, and a chef from the good mood, for more attention to modern people’s experience, a clean and comfortable kitchen environment is a good companion of cooking delicious food. As a modern kitchen standard collocation, a good cabinet must be a variety of "Transformers", is not only the efficient storage space, is the embodiment of the kitchen exquisite taste focus. T cabinets Part1. cabinets purchase direction kitchen as a major highlight of the kitchen decoration, durable performance, beautiful, good taste is the final choice. On the market in the face of the people too busy to attend to all cabinet products, and ultimately selected carefully. "Taobao" is not impatient, excellent material is the guarantee for a long time, safety and suitable size is "cook stew" comfortable cooking, or a meal down head, backache, seriously affecting the dining mood. Part2. cabinet installation needs rigorous cabinet size, as the saying goes, "three points to see the product, seven points by installation", before the installation, and even good cabinets can only be counted as semi-finished products. The installation is careful, can not tolerate the slightest careless: installation personnel according to the owners of the kitchen water line measurement, cutting, installation, installation should pay great attention to the gap between the adjacent cabinet; water after drilling part is sealed by a sealing strip, otherwise problems will accidentally cause uneven, even seepage condole cabinet table from the fall of the wall. In addition, with the development of embedded microwave oven, embedded electromagnetic oven popular embedded electrical installation, will also have an impact on the size of the cabinet to grasp and installation details. Part3. color collocation to see doorways, cabinets color matching is a learning. For small kitchen, if you choose a light cabinet, you can pretend to have a large space, that is, the sense of vision. On the contrary, the original narrow space will be more depressing. "The three main focal position to the door, kitchen in Feng Shui geomancy in Home Furnishing after the gate of Feng Shui, cabinet as a set of storage, washing, cooking in an operating platform, is a source of food is Paul, in addition to the effects of color collocation cabinet space effect, but also an important consideration in family health. Cabinet maintenance Part4. cabinet maintenance method is the kitchen fume heavy, if long do cleaning and maintenance, the cabinet is attached to the surface of a lot of oil after cleaning up will be more difficult. Good cabinet maintenance, regular care is the first step, the right remedy is the key. For example, clean solid wood cabinets, you can not choose alcohol, gasoline and other chemical solvents harmful to wood. (pictures coming from the web)