The arrival of a wave of cold dew solar term Suzhou delicacy into the season sql2005安装图解

The arrival of a wave of cold dew solar term Suzhou delicacy into the season yesterday, is the dew solar term indicates that Suzhou, will gradually enter the autumn. After the well versed in Suzhou delicacy, cold dew, there will be a big wave of delicacy of season. For example, Suzhou love Maple Town, reliable information obtained by reporters, in mid October, calculate the time is the last five days. As for the reason, mainly Feng Zhen Da surface cannot do without wine, as the temperature drops, the aroma of wine will be reduced, affecting the taste of the Feng zhen. So, every year about a week after the dew, large Feng Zhen officially announced off the city, want to eat, have to wait until next summer. No big face is Feng Zhen, a good time to eat mutton should be after the cold dew. Whether it is boiled mutton, mutton soup, or Braised Lamb in Brown Sauce, should be the seasonal delicacy. Of course, the mutton noodles at this time are also very tempting. The soup does not put MSG, salt, according to personal taste, appropriate to put some pepper and garlic green, drink up, there is a very touching feeling. For Suzhou, dew, pickled osmanthus, also will begin to taste the most authentic Qianxi chestnut.

寒露节气到来 苏州一大波美食进入换季时节 昨天,已是寒露节气,预示着苏州将逐步进入秋季。对于深谙美食的苏州人来说,寒露过后,将有一大波美食进行换季时节。比如苏州人最爱的枫镇大面,记者得到的可靠消息是,十月中旬正式下市,算算时间也就是最后五天。至于原因,主要是风镇大面离不开酒酿,随着气温下降,酒酿的香气会有所减少,影响风镇大面的口感。所以,每年寒露过了一个礼拜左右,风镇大面就正式宣布落市,想吃的话,得等到明年夏天。没了风镇大面,寒露过后应该也算是吃羊肉的好时节。不管是羊汤、还是白切羊肉、红烧羊肉,都应该是最时令的美食。当然了,这个时候的羊肉面也是挺具诱惑性的。汤里不放味精、只放盐,根据个人口感,适当放点辣椒和蒜青,一口气喝完,有种荡气回肠的感觉。对于苏州人来说,寒露后,还将开始腌桂花、品尝一下最正宗的迁西栗。相关的主题文章: