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Private equity management, the basis of strict control of private shell companies – fund channel, China Fund Industry Association issued yesterday "on the further regulation of Private Equity Fund Managers Registration of a number of matters" announcement, the private equity fund managers put forward more stringent requirements for registration. Management of registration shall be issued by the legal opinions, registration within six months not only product will be revoked qualification, not timely reporting information will suspend accepting product registration application, executives shall obtain the qualifications for the fund business. A lot of private placement, "join the fun" fund industry association said, for some time, the private equity fund industry problems have been concerned about the community and regulatory authorities. The number of private equity fund managers, and numerous dragons and fishes jumbled together some of the abuse uneven in quality, illegal self registration information to increase trust, some institutions for compliance and information consciousness, some institutions even engage in insider trading, public offering, private equity funds in the name of illegal fund-raising and other illegal activities. This reporter learned that, since November last year, China Fund Industry Association has released three batches of missing (abnormal) list of private institutions, and the loss of (abnormal) private institutions announced the latest situation. According to the relevant regulations, the fund industry association does not make substantial pre examination of the registration information for private placement. Publicity information does not constitute the recognition of private equity fund managers’ ability to invest management and continuous compliance, and does not guarantee the security of fund assets. Therefore, in the Association for the record of the fund, there are a lot of private record only "join the fun", set up for many years, did not issue any product, so that these filing institutions become shell companies. According to the insiders, as do the filing system, it is necessary to clean up the association of shell company, do the filing system of information disclosure. It is learnt that the scale of private sunshine has been small, the level of attention is not high, and last year with the advent of the bull market in the first half, a variety of private equity has sprung up. But then A shares at the end of June appeared a continuous adjustment, but also makes a lot of small private encounters "Waterloo", and even some companies or bag company owners, investors no prosecution. Therefore, market investors remind investors to buy private equity products or to compare repeatedly, and it is best to have a large consignment agencies, including banks and other credit endorsements. According to good buy fund research center statistics, since 2015, the liquidation of private equity fund products at least more than 1200, accounting for about 5% of the total number of statistical products, of which the market fell in July and August become the peak of private liquidation. In the two quarter of last year, the data show that in 2015, a total of more than 200 private equity products were liquidated in July, and in the end of 8, there were nearly 200 products approaching the liquidation line, and more than 800 products fell near the warning line. According to the private line network data show that in July the liquidation of private sun products not only quantity, but also the establishment of the two quarter to become the hardest hit product liquidation, which has 10 products a survival period of not more than one month, and structured products winding, mostly because of higher leverage and liquidation.

私募管理良莠不齐 中基协严控私募空壳公司-基金频道   中国基金业协会昨天发布《关于进一步规范私募基金管理人登记若干事项的公告》,对私募基金管理人的登记备案提出更严要求。管理人登记注册须出具法律意见书,登记后六个月内不发首只产品将被撤销资格,不按时上报信息将暂停受理产品备案申请,高管须取得基金从业资格。   不少私募备案“凑热闹”   基金业协会表示,一段时间以来,私募基金行业存在的问题备受社会各界和监管机构关注。私募基金管理人数量众多、鱼龙混杂、良莠不齐,一些机构滥用登记备案信息非法自我增信,一些机构合规运作和信息报告意识淡薄,一些机构甚至从事公开募集、内幕交易、以私募基金为名的非法集资等违法违规活动。   本报记者了解到,自去年11月至今,中国基金业协会已经连续发布了三批失联(异常)私募机构名单,并对失联(异常)私募机构最新情况进行了公告。   根据相关规定,基金业协会对私募登记备案信息不做实质性事前审查。公示信息不构成对私募基金管理人投资管理能力、持续合规情况的认可,不作为基金资产安全的保证。因此,在协会备案的基金中,有不少私募备案仅为“凑热闹”,成立多年也未发行任何产品,因此使得这些备案机构成为空壳公司。业内人士认为,为做实备案制,协会有必要清理这些“空壳公司”,做实备案制的信息披露。   据悉,阳光私募此前规模一直较小,重视程度不高,而去年随着上半年牛市的来临,各种私募也如雨后春笋般冒了出来。但是随后A股在6月底出现的大幅连续调整,又使得许多小型私募遭遇“滑铁卢”,甚至有部分空壳公司或者皮包公司人去楼空,投资者追诉无门。因此市场人士提醒投资者,购买私募产品时还是要再三比较,并且最好有大的代销机构包括银行等对其做信誉背书。   据好买基金研究中心统计,2015年以来清盘的私募基金产品至少超过1200只,约占纳入统计产品总数的5%,其中,市场大跌的7月、8月成为私募清盘的高峰期。   去年二季度为私募清盘重灾区   数据显示,在2015年的股市大幅调整中,7月共有超过200只私募产品遭遇清盘,到了8月末又有近200只产品逼近清盘线,还有800多只产品跌近警戒线。而根据私募排排网的数据显示,7月清盘的阳光私募产品不仅数量多,而且二季度成立的产品成为清盘重灾区,其中有10只产品的存活期未超过一个月,而被清盘的结构化产品中,大多数因为杠杆较高而被清盘。相关的主题文章: