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GKFX: paclight financial API crude oil inventories increased, effects of weak data plane, the Asian session 5:30 in the morning, the U.S. Energy Information Association released the January 29th week API crude oil inventories, is expected to increase 4 million 800 thousand barrels, 3 million 840 thousand barrels of published values increased, the deviation is. Affected by this news, WTI intraday fell over 40 points, the lowest touch 29.56 line. Due to the maximum amplitude of 185 points yesterday, the effect of API data can be ignored. It is worth noting that, in the context of global overcapacity, whether API or EIA inventory increase or decrease, for WTI, have played a role in promoting the fall. On the contrary, the rise and fall of the news in the face of crude oil market, especially on OPEC or non OPEC oil producing countries news. U.S. disk time 21:15 minutes, will also announce the United States in January ADP employment, the former value increased by 257 thousand people, the expected value increased by 192 thousand and 500 people. The data has guiding significance for the large non farm published on Friday. When ADP deviates from the former value, there is a law of variation in the same direction. In addition, in January, the United States suffered a large area of cold wave invasion, the normal operation of some departments was disturbed to some extent, and the possibility of non-agricultural employment was lower than the previous value. Eight the evening of February 4th, there will be the British central bank interest rate decision announcement of the results from the inflation data has been published, the probability of not the bank interest rate adjustment. What needs to be emphasized is the quarterly inflation report after the meeting. If the dovish attitude is obvious, it will push a new round of fall in the pound. (the above analysis provided by GKFX paclight financial analyst Dean GKFX financial 2016-2-3) paclight into [shares] on Sina Finance

GKFX捷凯金融:API原油库存增加,影响微弱   数据面,亚盘时段早间5:30分,美国能源信息协会公布了美国1月29日当周API原油库存,预期增加480万桶,公布值增加384万桶,偏差不大。受此消息影响,WTI盘中下跌超40点,最低触及29.56一线。由于昨日最大振幅为185点,所以API数据造成的影响可以忽略不计。   值得注意的是,在全球产能过剩的大背景下,无论是API和EIA库存增加或者减少,对WTI来说,都起到了推动下跌的作用。与此相反,消息面对原油行情的涨跌推动越来越大,尤其是关于欧佩克或者非欧佩克产油国的减产消息。   美盘时段晚间21:15分,还将公布美国1月ADP就业人数,前值增加25.7万人,预期值增加19.25万人。该数据对于周五公布的大非农有指导意义,当ADP偏离前值较大时,两者存在同向变动的规律。另外,1月份美国受到大面积寒潮侵袭,某些部门的正常运作受到一定程度干扰,非农就业人数低于前值的可能性较大。   2月4号晚间八点,将会有英国央行利率决议结果公布,从已公布的通货膨胀数据来看,英央行进行利率调整的概率不大。需要重视的是会后的季度通胀报告内容,如果鸽派态度明显,将会推动镑美的新一轮下跌。   (以上分析由GKFX捷凯金融分析师Dean提供)   GKFX捷凯金融   2016-2-3 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: