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Chinese gold group to develop new strategies for the reporter Li Yuyang learned from the Chinese Gold Group: 2015, positive Chinese gold group to deal with challenges of gold and copper prices continued to slump, mineral gold and copper ore, total profits were SASAC assessment index. Non mining enterprises support the main business, profitability continues to increase, non mining sector benefits have accounted for half of the whole group, mine and non ore coordinated development of the initial formation of the situation. At present, the price of gold and copper products continue to low volatility, the profit margins narrowed substantially, steady growth is facing severe test. Overall, the mining industry has entered a long "cold winter"". To actively respond to the industry "winter", Chinese gold group "13th Five-Year" period will focus on promoting the eight strategies: one is to implement the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, accelerate the transformation of development mode, improve the quality and efficiency of development; two is to continue to promote the efficiency. Carry out the fine management. Three is the implementation of innovation driven strategy. Four is to actively implement the internationalization strategy. Five is to vigorously promote the "talent strong enterprise" strategy. Six is to strengthen health, safety and environmental protection system construction, adhere to the green development. The seven is to vigorously promote the integration of the two development, accelerate the construction of digital mine; the eight is to adhere to the comprehensive strictly, earnestly implement the responsibility from the strict control of the party, to further promote clean government and anti-corruption work, to create a positive environment for the development of the wind in the air. When talking about the future vision, Chinese gold relevant responsible person said that the company will further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expanding social influence, consolidate the leading position of the gold industry, lay a solid foundation for the internationalization of RMB, play leading role in the "The Belt and Road" strategy, and strive to build a world-class mineral company. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中国黄金集团制定新战略    本报讯 记者李予阳从中国黄金集团获悉:2015年,中国黄金集团积极应对金铜价格持续低迷的严峻挑战,矿产金、矿山铜、利润总额均完成国务院国资委考核指标。非矿企业支撑主业,盈利能力不断增强,非矿板块效益已经占到全集团的半壁江山,矿和非矿协同发展局面初步形成。    当前,金铜产品价格持续低位震荡,企业盈利空间大幅收窄,稳增长面临严峻考验。总体看,矿业行业进入漫长的“寒冬”。    为积极应对行业“寒冬”,中国黄金集团“十三五”期间将重点推进八大战略:一是贯彻落实创新、协调、绿色、开放、共享的发展理念,主动适应经济发展新常态,加快转变发展方式,提升发展质量和效益;二是持续推进降本增效,深入开展精细化管理。三是实施创新驱动战略。四是积极实施国际化战略。五是大力推进“人才强企”战略。六是加强健康安全环保体系建设,坚持绿色发展。七是大力推进两化融合发展,加快建设数字化矿山;八是坚持全面从严治党,认真落实从严管党治党责任,深入推进党风建设和反腐败工作,营造风清气正的发展环境。    在谈及未来构想时,中国黄金有关负责人表示,企业将进一步提升企业竞争力,不断扩大社会影响力,巩固黄金行业的领军地位,为人民币国际化奠定坚实基础,在“一带一路”战略中发挥先导作用,努力建设成为世界一流矿业公司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: