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Bridge water Dario: from the helicopter money or can stimulate the U.S. economy – the world’s largest hedge fund FX168 Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio said on Thursday (February 18th), the next major monetary and fiscal measures should include money from a helicopter, to stimulate the U.S. economy. Daio may not be totally serious when it comes to "helicopter throwing money". But he said in a report sent this week to clients that the Fed’s ability to boost economic growth by cutting interest rates and quantitative easing is "no longer the past."". He said "MP3 3 Policy" (Monetary 3) must be directed to consumers more, not investors and depositors. Dalio puts forward some hypothetical scenarios that MP3 can implement; he describes lowering interest rates as monetary policy 1 (MP1), and quantitative easing as monetary policy 2 (MP2). "We think the policy range from the traditional coordination of fiscal and monetary policy — that is, the use of monetary debt to fund government spending — extended to give money directly to the people, such as helicopter money, and take the final between the two may, for example, through the award and expenditure linked to the way to send money to the public Dalio wrote,". The helicopter throwing money is based on the well-known concept of Milton Friedman, an American economist in 1969. The idea is that the direct spread of money from the helicopter and the public pickup is the proper way to restart the economy and effectively combat deflation. Dalio said, when many countries are to grow, the fluctuation of exchange rate will be higher than normal, which investors must be prepared. Dalio helps manage Bridgewater’s $155 billion fund. Dalio says that when interest rates are low and no more low, and that the underlying interest rates cannot change, the range of exchange rates will increase. Last month, the Japanese Central Bank unexpectedly implemented negative interest rates, in fact, led to the devaluation of the yen. "In order to avoid economic turmoil, we must expand exchange rate fluctuations," Dalio wrote. "In reality, this will create" currency wars ", the collapse of the linked exchange rate system, and the increase in the risk of exchange rates for investors." Since exchange rate fluctuations are beneficial to one country at the expense of other countries, he adds that exchange rate fluctuations will not cause global easing. "This is just the way the economy works." Because of these reasons, Dalio said investors should expect lower pay than normal, while the risk is higher than the normal level. Dalio pointed out that most asset prices fell, and most economies entered the end of the long debt cycle, triggering deflationary pressures. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

桥水达里奥:从直升机撒钱或可刺激美国经济   FX168讯全球最大对冲基金Bridgewater Associates创办人Ray Dalio周四(2月18日)表示,接下来的重大货币及财政举措应该包括从直升机撒钱,以刺激美国经济。   Daio在论及“直升机撒钱”一事时或许不是全然认真的。但他在本周发送给客户的一份报告中称,美联储通过降息及量化宽松以提振经济成长的能力“不复往昔”。   他称“货币政策3”(Monetary Policy 3, MP3)必须更大程度上引导至消费者身上,而非投资者及储户。   Dalio提出了一些MP3可以施行的假设情境;他形容降息为货币政策1(MP1),量化宽松为货币政策2(MP2)。   “我们认为政策范围将从传统的财政 货币政策的协调–也就是利用货币举债资助政府支出–延伸至直接送钱给人民,就如直升机撒钱,而最后采取的方法可能介于这两者之间,比方说,透过与奖励支出挂钩的方式送钱给民众,”Dalio写到。   直升机撒钱是以1969年美国经济学家Milton Friedman知名的理念为参考,其理念认为将钱直接从直升机上撒出,让民众捡拾,就是重启经济、有效抗击通缩的妥当方法。   Dalio表示,当很多国家都在力保成长时,汇率波动程度将大于正常情况,这一点投资者要有心理准备。Dalio协助管理Bridgewater的1,550亿美元资金。   Dalio表示,当利率低到不能再低,相关的利率无法变动时,汇率变动幅度就会加大。上月日本央行意外实施负利率后,实际上就导致了日元走贬。   “为了避免经济动荡,必须扩大汇率波动,”Dalio写道。“现实上这将创造出‘货币战争’、联系汇率制度瓦解、并造成投资者的汇率风险增加。”   由于汇率波动会在牺牲其他国家利益情形下对一国有利,他补充称汇率波动不会造成全球需要进行宽松。“这只是经济运行的模式。”   由于上述原因,Dalio称投资人应当预期报酬低于正常水准,而风险则是高于正常水准。Dalio指出,各种资产价格有大多因此而下跌,同时多数经济体进入长期债务循环的尾声引发了通缩压力。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: