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Carsem group: WTI crude oil exceeded $50 mark Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Crude oil will go up for seventh consecutive days. US crude oil prices have exceeded $50 barrels for the first time since June. West Dezhou light crude oil (WTI) since the end of the month $44.50 into today’s $50.50 high, $6 gains, substantial gains over 13%. Although some people think buying is slightly excessive, but the current rising momentum is still not visible. Speculators tend to buy dips when they fall short, so far, it’s a very effective trading strategy. After all, the fundamentals of crude oil continue to improve: OPEC plans to reduce production, we also see the U.S. crude oil inventories for the first time in a row for the first time in five weeks to reduce the accident, in view of this, crude oil rising trend is likely to continue for some time. In addition to the supply of down is expected this week, the overall positive U.S. economic data: ISM key manufacturing services industry and PMI both better than expected last week, jobless claims unexpectedly fell to near 43 year low. The dollar denominated prices are also soaring in front of the dollar strong performance, although many people did not care, but this also constitutes another bullish price. In addition to the fundamentals, oil prices in the near future to break through the key short-term resistance may also attract market kinetic energy buying interest. WTI seems to be attacking the past resistance of $50.90. If the failure is successful, the next bullish target is the top $51.65 in the near future. But I think prices can go up further, and certainly not straight. I’m going to focus on $55, and then interesting prices like $59.30 40. As shown below, some Fibonacci level in this intersection, therefore, these levels are also like me this kind of use Fibonacci analysis tools are ideal traders trading profit area. Therefore, WTI may attack to the level of profits, and because of difficult. As far as the present situation is concerned, if we fall below the front resistance of $49.10 or $47.70, we will fall short of the technical level of WTI. Source: eSignal and FOREX. the contents and views contained herein are only general information and have no intention to be considered as a proposal or request for buying or selling any currency or difference contract. The contents and opinions contained in this article may be changed without notice. This article does not consider any specific user’s specific investment objectives, financial status and needs. Any information that quotes historical price fluctuations or price levels is based on our analysis, and does not indicate or prove that such volatility or price levels may occur again in the future. The source of information in this article is believed to be reliable, but the author does not guarantee its accuracy and completeness, and the author is not liable for any direct or indirect loss that may arise from reference to the content and viewpoint of this article. Margin trading in foreign exchange and other products has high risks and is not suitable for all investors. Losses may exceed your account capital injection. Increasing leverage means increasing risk. Spot trading of gold and silver

嘉盛集团:WTI原油突破$50关口 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   原油即将连续第七天上行。美国原油价格自6月以来首次再度突破$50 桶。西德州轻质原油(WTI)自上月底的$44.50攻入今天的$50.50高点,斩获$6,逾13%可观涨幅。尽管有人认为买盘略微过度,但当前上涨势头尽头仍未可见。投机者倾向于短线下跌时逢低买入,迄今为止,这是个非常行之有效的交易策略。毕竟,原油基本面持续改善:欧佩克减产计划以外,我们还看到美国原油库存自一月来首次连续五周意外缩减,鉴于此,原油上涨趋势很可能会继续一段时间。除供应量下行预期,本周重要美国经济数据整体积极:关键的ISM制造业和服务业PMI双双优于预期,上周失业救济申领人数意外降至43年低点附近。美元主导的油价同样在飙涨的美元面前表现坚挺,虽然很多人并未在意,但这也构成另一个油价看涨信号。   除基本面因素外,油价近期突破关键短线阻力可能也会吸引市场动能买盘兴趣。WTI看来正攻向$50.90一线过往阻力。如上破成功,则下一看涨目标为近期区间顶部$51.65。但我认为价格还能进一步走高,当然,不会是直线上行。我会关注$55 ,然后是$59.30 40等有意思的价位。如下图所示,若干斐波拉契水平于此交汇,因此,这些水平也是像我这类运用斐波拉契工具分析交投的交易员们理想的获利了结区域。因此,WTI可能会攻向上述水平,并因获利了结遇阻。就目前情况来看,如跌回前阻力$49.10或$47.70下方,我们对WTI的技术面看涨随之落空。   来源: eSignal and FOREX.   本文所含内容及观点仅为一般信息,并无任何意图被视为买卖任何货币或差价合约的建议或请求。文中所含内容及观点匀可能在不被通知的情况下更改。本文并未考 虑任何特定用户的特定投资目标、财务状况和需求。任何引用历史价格波动或价位水平的信息均基于我们的分析,并不表示或证明此类波动或价位水平有可能在未来 重新发生。本文所载信息之来源虽被认为可靠,但作者不保证它的准确性和完整性,同时作者也不对任何可能因参考本文内容及观点而产生的任何直接或间接的损失 承担责任。   外汇和其他产品保证金交易存在高风险,不适合所有投资者。亏损可能超出您的账户注资。增大杠杆意味着增加风险。黄金、白银现货交易不受《美国商品交易法案》的监管。差价合约(CFDs)不对美国居民提供。在决定交易外汇之前,您需仔细考虑您的财务目标、经验水平和风险承受能力。文中所含任何意见、新闻、研究、分析、报价或其他信息等都仅作与本文所含主题相关的一般类信息,同时FOREX不提供任何投资、法律或税务的建议。您需要合适的顾问征询所有关于投资、法律或税务方面的事宜。FOREX在美国受商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)监管,在英国受金融行为监管局(FCA)监管,在澳大利亚受证券投资委员会(ASIC)监管,在日本受金融服务厅(FSA)监管。请阅读Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options   撰文:Fawad Razaqzada   2016-10-7 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: