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Tonghui International: risk sentiment reproduction hedge, full pressure clients look at the latest market, the Asian stock market and the European stock market across the board on Monday, to boost the market risk appetite sentiment, the dollar index again upward. The European Central Bank [micro-blog] President Delaki continues to bias doves, and the euro is under pressure. After the loss of hedge support, the yen and gold as a hedge against currencies were down, and commodity currencies rose slightly. European Central Bank President Delagi in last night’s statement said that if the financial market volatility forecasting eurozone economic outlook, the ECB will take action to ensure that monetary policy can be transmitted to the real economy. Delaki’s speech last night, consistent with his consistent dovish stance, affected the euro’s decline against the dollar to 0.92%, at 1.1151. European stock markets rose sharply. Saudi oil minister Ali  al-Naimi will meet with Russian oil minister Alexander  and Novak in Doha, Qatar in February 16th to discuss the crude oil market issues. The market expects the meeting to achieve a certain degree of agreement on crude oil production reduction, the expected reduction in production to boost Brent crude oil futures in April short-term rise of $0.3. [event] financial data with today’s focus on Tuesday February 16, 2016   08:30  the RBA monetary policy meeting minutes released by   17:30  UK January CPI monthly rate, UK January retail price index rate of   18:00  German ZEW economic sentiment index in February, eurozone February ZEW economic sentiment index in   21:30  February New York fed manufacturing index.   23:00  NAHB housing market index for February single advice: spot gold fell below: early integer points, 119 days concerns. Support 1188-1191, 1212-1222 resistance gbpjpy: pressed above strong, breaking the follow-up single, support 164.90-165.20, 165.80-166.45 drag the euro against the yen: the euro and the yen than weak, four hours figure slightly breakthrough, support 127.70-128.00, resistance 128.70-129.00: below the neckline, short, support 1.1135-1.1150, resistance 1.1210-1.1230 pounds: continue concussion, buy low sell high, support 1.4390-1.4410, 1.4510-1.4530 resistance: the continuation of the upward trend, the Australian dollar intraday test pupil watershed support 0.7100-0.7110, 0.7190-0.7210 resistance, Sina said in a statement posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and the risks are self. 通汇国际:风险情绪再现 避险全线承压 客户端 查看最新行情   周一亚洲股市与欧洲股市全线回暖,提振市场风险偏好情绪,美元指数再度上行。欧洲央行[微博]行长德拉基发言继续偏向鸽派,欧元承压下行。失去避险支持之后,作为避险货币的日元与黄金均承压下跌,商品货币小幅上涨。   欧央行行长德拉吉在昨晚的发言表示,若金融市场波动影响欧元区经济前景展望,欧央行将采取行动,以确保货币政策能传导到实体经济中。德拉基昨晚的发言与其一贯的鸽派立场一致,受此影响,欧元兑美元跌幅扩大至0.92%,报1.1151。欧洲股市大幅上涨。   沙特石油部长Ali al-Naimi将于2月16日在卡塔尔首都多哈会见俄罗斯石油部长Alexander Novak,以讨论原油市场问题。市场寄望此次会见能对原油减产问题达成一定程度的一致,减产的预期提振布伦特4月原油期货短线上涨0.3美元。   【今日重点关注的财经数据与事件】2016年2月16日 周二   ① 08:30 澳洲联储公布货币政策会议纪要   ② 17:30 英国1月CPI月率、英国1月零售物价指数月率   ③ 18:00 德国2月ZEW经济景气指数、欧元区2月ZEW经济景气指数   ④ 21:30 美国2月纽约联储制造业指数   ⑤ 23:00 美国2月NAHB房产市场指数   做单建议:   现货黄金:早盘跌破整数关口,日内关注119。支撑1188-1191,阻力1212-1222   英镑兑日元:上方压制较强,突破跟进多单,支撑164.90-165.20,阻力165.80-166.45   欧元兑日元:欧元与日元比弱,四小时图小幅突破,支撑127.70-128.00,阻力128.70-129.00欧元:跌破颈线位,做空为主,支撑1.1135-1.1150,阻力1.1210-1.1230   英镑:延续震荡走势,高抛低吸,支撑1.4390-1.4410,阻力1.4510-1.4530澳元:延续上行走势,日内测试多空分水岭,支撑0.7100-0.7110,阻力0.7190-0.7210 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: