佳兆业也许会部分接受反对方要求 唐山学院是几本

Henderson overseas debt restructuring support agreement on the date of Gordian knot support agreement delayed the overseas debt restructuring difficult knot Kaisa   for nearly half of the overseas creditors do not agree, and some foreign creditors "resolutely opposed" debt restructuring is still in suspense, Jia Zhaoyehai. The day before, Kaisa announced for more time, preparation of the implementation of restructuring documents required information restructuring support agreement deadline will be extended to February 14, 2016. The deadlocked overseas restructuring under the restructuring support agreement, and the majority of creditors Kaisa initially agreed to be on or before January 31st agreed to restructure the final form of the file, but if the majority of creditors and initially agreed to mutual agreement can delay the relevant date. At that time, the overseas debt restructuring support Kaisa scheduled deadline for agreement in February 7, 2016. 1 26, Henderson disclosure recent developments that, for domestic and foreign debt restructuring progress, overseas debt restructuring plan proposed by the family, has received 53% of creditors, the distance of 75% by threshold is a step closer, restructuring programme is continuing to advance. At the same time, the restructuring of domestic debt has been almost completed. At the same time, the other is a major positive, CITIC Bank, Ping An Bank Henderson won 50 billion yuan financial support for debt restructuring to promote. In this regard, the official said, if coupled with Henderson including Shenzhen, around the project will unlock, enter the normal sales status. All the signs have shown that Henderson in bankruptcy crisis more than a year almost to get rid of the dilemma and recovery. The opposition is tough, but it’s too early to say that the restructuring of overseas debt is premature. According to the recent Kaisa and Ping An Bank reached a strategic cooperation, the company’s overseas creditors BFAM Partners published the latest comments that this highlights the "put forward a more credible and offshore bondholders to the terms of the settlement scheme of importance". Insiders, as one of the largest overseas creditor companies, BFAM and Farallon, the two Wall Street hedge funds and information management firm’s overseas creditors are still firm attitude. Previously, because of the opposition put forward Kaisa restructuring agreement, the overseas creditors in January 14th proposed debt restructuring Henderson counter proposal, mainly related to the foreign creditors by the net present value increased from 75% to 87%; the new high notes and convertible bonds, the first year to provide 0.5% cash coupon, and all the year the coupon payment in kind than the original proposal about 2%-6%; in addition, existing shareholders or creditors will inject $200 million in the bank 8 year zero coupon primary capital. How to choose the support agreement even Kaisa delayed the final showdown on the distance is only a week left, time is still not much henderson. For the moment, it is still uncertain whether or not a party will represent an overseas creditor. However, market participants believe that this part of the group accounted for more than 25% or more. According to the theory of Henderson group bonds 佳兆业境外债务重组死结难解 支持协议日期再延后   支持协议日期延后   佳兆业境外债务重组死结难解    因近半数的境外债权人“不赞成”,以及部分境外债权人的“坚决反对”,佳兆业海外债务重组依旧悬而未决。日前,佳兆业宣布,因需要更多时间编制落实重组文件所需资料,重组支持协议截止日期将延至2016年2月14日。   僵持不下的海外重组   根据重组支持协议,佳兆业与多数初步同意的债权人须于1月31日或之前同意最终形式的重组文件,但若与多数初步同意债权人互相协定则可延迟有关日期。   当时,佳兆业原定的境外债务重组支持协议截止日期为2016年2月7日。   1月26日,佳兆业披露公司近期发展情况时表示,对于境内外债务重组进展,由郭氏家族提出的境外债务重组方案,已经获得53%债权人的支持,距离75%的通过门槛又近了一步,重组方案正在继续推进中。同时,境内债务的重组方案已几近完成。   与此同时,另一个重大利好则是,继中信银行之后,佳兆业再获平安银行500亿元资金支持,用于债务重组的推进。   对此,相关人士表示,如果加上佳兆业包括深圳在内的各地项目陆续解锁,进入正常的销售状态。种种迹象已经表明,深陷破产危机一年多的佳兆业几乎就要摆脱困境,走向复苏。   反对方态度强硬   不过,目前断言境外债务重组大局落定为时尚早。   针对佳兆业近期与平安银行达成战略合作一事,该公司境外债权人BFAM Partners发表最新评论认为,这凸显了“提出一份更具有可信度的与离岸债券持有人和解条款方案的重要性”。业内人士分析,作为最大的海外债权公司之一,BFAM和Farallon这两家来自华尔街的知名对冲基金和资管公司境外债权人的态度依旧坚决。   此前,因反对佳兆业提出重组协议,上述境外债权人于1月14日提出佳兆业债务重组反提案,主要涉及将境外债权人所获净现值由75%提升至87%;新高息票据及可换股债券,第一年拟提供0.5%现金票息,且所有年份的实物支付票息较原提案约高出2%-6%;此外,现有股东或在岸债权人将注入2亿美元8年期零息票初级资本。   佳兆业如何选择   即便支持协议日期延后,距离最后摊牌日也仅增加一周时间,留给佳兆业的时间依旧不多了。就目前而言,其究竟反对一方代表境外债权人多大比例仍为未知数。不过市场人士认为,这部分群体占比或已超过25%。根据佳兆业集团的债券募集说明书,持有未偿还债券余额比例达到25%的投资者,就可以针对公司采取强制措施。   “强势债权人提出的利益诉求是否能满足将是谈判的最大变数。”市场人士预计,佳兆业获平安银行输血500亿元后,境内债务重组得到解决,但其海外重组协议得到海外债权人超过75%以上支持,陷入搁浅状态。佳兆业不愿成为别人案板上的鱼肉,但若一味坚持将延误其复苏时机,佳兆业也许会部分接受反对方要求。   北京商报记者 董家声 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: