54 million years ago, amber preserved in the mysterious ancient fossil gnat (video)-norton disk doctor

54 million years ago, amber preserved in the mysterious ancient animal fossils are various gnat amber seal for thousands of years as shown in the figure, this is a preserved ancient fossils in amber, its history can be traced back to 54 million years ago, a long bag shaped the unique structure of its wings. Tencent science news according to science news website reported that, at present, an international paleontological research team said that the territory of India, the amber preserved fossil gnat 54 million years ago. The director of the study, scientists from the University of Bonn, Germany Franco – (Frauke Stebner), Bean concluded that this is a female a body length of about 0.9 mm. This ancient biological scientific name is Camptopterohelea odora, in the front edge of a long wings of unique structure. Scientists have pointed out that the bag of complex structure of this ancient gnat wings, wings fold similar to some moths, or a butterfly and moth olfactory organ. They simulated "bag shaped structure" is usually a female in a unique way to collect and store spray spread pheromones, which play the role of attracting partners. However, the gnat didn’t have this special structure on the wings. Chester Bean said: "the structure like a bubble extends out from the wings, the wings of some butterfly species also grows on the structure, its role is to spray the pheromone into the air, to attract a mate role." The bag like structure on the edge of the wings can diffuse the information substance into the surrounding air as far as possible, and the tiny hairs can effectively propagate and spread in the air through the disturbance. A senior researcher at the University of Bonn in Germany – James Rooster (Jes Rust) professor said: "obviously this ancient gnat pheromone diffusion is far more complex than the original forest environment gnat, 54 million years ago today in India need the suitability characteristics." At present, the latest research report published in the recent publication of the journal Science report. (long compile)相关的主题文章: