52When the nail surface has vertical heart|When the nail surface has vertical heart3

The nail surface has vertical heart when JINGWAH (micro-blog) times news (reporter intern reporter Xue Kexin Yezhou) some people found their nails on the ridge, but the danger signal may be emitted by the body line. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine professor He Juan said, the nail appears on the ridge could be a sign of stagnation of liver qi. Usually the spirit of female sensitive and fragile, easily lead to liver qi stagnation, emotional irritability, irritability, chest fullness, breast hyperplasia, thyroid nodules, menstrual disorders, and symptoms such as nails on the ridge. Beware of the nail on ridge liver He Juan said, prevention of stagnation of liver qi to do "warm, fun, leisure". That is warm, warm yang, eat cold, let oneself warm up, such as the morning to drink a bowl of ginger water, can treat depression, spleen deficiency etc.. Note that leisure time, rest time, liver and blood, to make up their own america. Do not sleep at night. Kill Yang, Yang ban can not afford in the morning. He Juan said, to cause the disorder of immune function, light to cause complexion, menstrual disorders, easy to cold, fatigue, heavy lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors. To do music, Shugan Qi, let the music up. Morning, through exercise can improve the mood; also can be improved from the diet, eat whole wheat, lily, lily, ginger, mint, malt, lotus seeds, bergamot, kumquat, rose tea etc..