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"Farewell" medical doubt those things er~- Sohu recently healthy family drama "small separation" is the major TV hit, the life story has quickly become the focus of netizens hot. Huang Lei played a an eye doctor, every day in addition to education and daughter-in-law wits worry about her daughter, but also in the hospital busy, pain relief for patients. The clever little note, Dr. Fang’s work environment is that??? Eyed friend if found in the lens of Peking University international hospital? Yes, our doctors work scenes are filmed in Peking University International Hospital, chase drama at the same time, detective Xiao Bian also found in some medical doubts… "Farewell" medical doubts big secret. Playing mobile phone games, hurt the eyes? Need to pay attention to what? Play mobile phone game long time is not only one of the factors of myopia, can cause dry eye! * expert tips: playing mobile phone should keep the eyes and the distance of the mobile phone in the 30cm, and we should pay attention to the strength of the light, to make effective light coming from the left front light, and mobile phone browsing time not too long, pay attention to every 30 minutes to rest, often do eye exercises is also necessary! Come together with small ~ ~ * do not say hello to pull the curtain on the eyes? I ask, who has no mother to help you pull the curtain of a morning? It reminded: MOM IS NEVER WRONG! * what is fulminant glaucoma? Is it related to emotions? Acute angle closure glaucoma with acute exacerbation period for the winter evening, at the onset of sight blurred, will see the light in the outer halo. * expert tips: if you find redness, eye swelling and headache, please go to the eye doctor, to avoid missing the best timing of treatment. One of the causes of acute onset of mood is also induced by glaucoma, so buddies, must let the father and mother to maintain a happy mood. The index of low estrogen ~ is early more? Low levels of estrogen in women is not necessarily more early, but to a certain extent to pay attention to low. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) index higher than 20 can be understood as the decline of ovarian function, when the index is higher than 40 generally refers to the menopausal women have. At this time many palpitation, sweating, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms of menopause. * expert tips: women entering menopause in 40 years later, during the above mentioned symptoms is a normal physiological process, if at the age of 40 have similar symptoms, suggest to gynecological clinic. Small tips: with the "farewell" broadcast, Xiao Bian will continue to follow up the medical doubts, for your continued interpretation of gynecological gynecological experts ~ director, chief physician Wang Yongjun of Peking University International Hospital of doctor of medicine, obstetrics and gynecology for 20 years, the main specification of gynecological minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of common disease, difficult and complicated diseases afternoon, uterine cervical cancer, endometrial carcinoma