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News-and-Society Toxic people makes everybody around them feel ill. They always take energy and never gives any back. Why would anybody stay in a relationship with somebody like this? More importantly, how do you know that you are in a toxic relationship? Here are five deadly signs. 1) Your partner thinks nothing of it to put you down in front of other people. 2) Even though your partner still says they love you, their actions say differently. 3) You partner allows you no free space – examples are checking your emails, "coincidentally" going out to the same place than you and your friends. 4) Your partner tries to make themselves the center of your life. 5) You have changed things about yourself to keep them happy. A toxic relationship can be divided into three clear, repeating cycles. First there is the honeymoon phase, followed by a major fallout, followed be reconciliation… and then rinse and repeat. The danger lies in the fact that when you first meet a new partner you are always in the honeymoon stage. It’s not until they have sucked you into their world sufficiently that you realize you are dealing with a toxic relationship. At this point it’s much more difficult to get out. One reason for toxic relationships is that many people grow up in similar homes. They simply mimic what has been deeply rooted in their being without even knowing it. Other people believe they do not deserve happiness, so no one does. The first step of getting out of this abusive environment is to just realize that you have a choice! A lot of people tend to stay in bad relationship because of low self-esteem, but you should now that you deserve the best. Once you realize that you do not need to take this, the next step is standing up for yourself. In manipulative relationship your partner will have made you believe that everything is your fault. When you actually buy into this it can be very difficult to break free from it again. The great news is that I have seen many people including myself being able to break the cycle of these toxic relationships. Some leave to start a new, healthier relationship. Others manage to repair the damage done and have a very happy relationship. The fact of the matter is that almost all relationships can be saved. Sometimes all you need is a little space. If both partners take an active role in saving the relationship, it is possible to get back to a relationship filled with more love than the day you met. The first thing you have to make your own is to try and repair the relationship or else you are walking away. This makes for you not being needy at all which is a great way to get your partner to appreciate you again. Once you are free of the shackles that this toxic relationship had on you, you can start connecting with your partner on a real level again. Without nagging, make it clear what you want like "I need you to support me", "I need your love" etc. If you do not get what you need, make sure your partner knows that you are willing to walk away. A healthy relationship comes from both ways. In a toxic relationship your partner is always just taking and never giving. You have the power to change that, but you have to take it into your own hands to make it happen. About the Author: It’s a fact that more than 75% of people just out of a break-up are considering a rebound fling. You need to act fast. What you need is a step-by-step, proven system which takes you by the hand and leads you through everything to get your ex back in 30 days maximum. For the rest of the plan and all you will ever need to know, click here now: Ex Squared System Review Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – News-and-Society 相关的主题文章: