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The 5 firms optimistic about the 6 plate next Monday 57 shares of transportation: express logistics logistics is sought to recommend 15 shares: we think with the consumer attributes, and the Internet closely combined with the courier sector will be an important investment theme in the next two to three years, the integration period should be more growth in business volume and scale of consideration of the express company is weaken profitability considerations, sector targets, a large section of our long-term bullish express opportunities brought by the integration of the courier industry, promising single volume, fast growth, netdot integration faster, with ALI shareholder background in a short-term concern dowin, expected Xinhai shares (rhyme), Edisi (Shanghai) Ding Tai and new material (Shun Feng). In addition, we are optimistic about the acquisition of global supply chain giant Ingram Tianhai investment recommendations concern; from the domestic container transportation business entry to the logistics supply chain market ST black (Antun logistics backdoor). Shipping port continued pressure: import and export industry chain related shipping and port city. The first half of the port net profit fell 8.3%, the two quarter compared with the first quarter improved slightly, but the overall trend is still downward, the short term is difficult to have a strong boost factor; we believe that the overall shipping sector will remain under pressure this year, more is to follow the market cycle and the transformation of the variety of investment opportunities, long recommended medical technology center in Hongqiao layout. Holding the 20+ billion in cash and the transformation of medical insurance linkage + health industry chain haisheng. The short term focus on Korea into bankruptcy to cargo subject Chinese COSCO, CSCL bring trading opportunities. Aviation Airport: the logic of short-term aviation driven plate is mainly oil prices, exchange rates and A shares underestimate the value of blue chip market sentiment, it is recommended to focus on China Southern Airlines, Air China, spring and autumn and Eastern airlines. The airport in the first half of 16 the domestic airport punctuality rate, average delay time and other indicators improved significantly, the expected future supply will follow the airport open first-tier cities. Optimistic about production capacity, with high growth potential of Shanghai airport, Shenzhen airport. Railway: railway freight turnover is expected to be difficult to pick up. Suggestions for the highway sector valuation security, transformation of the expected targets, recommend Shandong high speed and deep high speed; the railway sector reform, existing asset securitization and revitalize the land assets and ticket price of three directions, the whole ticket price possibility is relatively large, the passenger business based in Guangzhou Shenzhen railway performance more flexible. Bus: we believe that the reform of local state-owned enterprises will be the second half of the investment in the main line throughout the industry, public listed companies with small volume, the market value of the characteristics of small, especially a few local shares in Shanghai is a typical "large group, small company, recommend Shentong Metro, Johnson holdings, Jinjiang investment. Investment advice: the first express logistics sub forum, followed by long recommended dowin, Xinhai shares; supply chain logistics sector recommended Tianhai investment; Haisheng shipping sector we recommend the transformation of the medical insurance of health industry chain, the railway sector preferred Guangshen railway; high-speed high-speed, high-speed Shandong plate deep; recommendations concern blackened, Spring Airlines, ST Guangdong Expressway and Shenzhen airport. Shun securities Construction: profitability improved slightly recommended 16 shares and the emergence of PPP is to provide a new machine for construction enterprises;相关的主题文章: